Search and rescue measures in case of emergency or emergency. Ways to find missing people.

Acquaintance with the order of how search activities are organized shows how important it is for any expedition or hiking group to register their route plans. And in case of emergency, stay as close to this route as possible, set clear signals and mark all the camps that were abandoned, with information on future plans left. 

Search and rescue measures in case of emergency or emergency. Ways to find missing people.

Search activities start from the last known location of the group and move towards its intended route. The assumption is made taking into account a possible strategy, taking into account the terrain and weather conditions. For example, in the mountains, it can be very likely that strong winds will force a group of those fleeing to use the leeward slopes of the ridges and descend from the heights. If no traces were found on the expected route, then the search actions are concentrated in the following sections.

the plane, and he turns back, continue to watch him. It can work according to one of the known search methods and you can calculate the best moment for giving a signal.

Search way creeping line.

Starting in one corner of the search area, it is especially useful when there is only one aircraft to search. It is led by parallel passages in the direction of the sun and from it, so that glare and reflection of sunlight from the wreckage of the aircraft, etc. it was easier to notice.

Primary, or route, search.

It is conducted parallel to the proposed route line of the missing aircraft on both sides or along a known land route. After an hour of flight, turn and fly in the opposite direction.

Squared Search.

Useful when you have to explore a relatively small area. The search begins at the last known location of those caught in an emergency and is gradually expanding. If there is no result, then a return to the starting point of the search takes place and the search is conducted in the opposite direction. This provides coverage for both sides of the obstacles..

Horizontal Search.

Allows you to inspect the mountains and gorges with the utmost care. Gorges, valleys with steep slopes are inspected several times, flying along them.

Search at sea.

At sea, a combined search is conducted from the air and from the sea. If the plane detects a crash, the ship can pick them up. A ship can also serve as a starting point for a search for an airplane. Rescue aircraft have a distress relief kit to help them last until the ship approaches.

Based on the book Complete Survival Guide for Extreme Situations, in the Wild, on Land and at Sea.
John Wiseman.

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