Selection and configuration of a survival kit with means for the extraction, preparation and storage of food.

A sense of hunger to one degree or another accompanies any emergency. You can avoid it or even muffle it, either by providing food on the spot using the means and objects from the survival kit, or by properly disposing of the available food. 

Selection and completion of a survival kit with means for extraction, preparation and storage of food.

At the same time, the first two days, if climatic conditions allow (in severe cold, you have to reduce the duration of complete fasting), it is better to abstain from food, as there are still enough home supplies in the body. Such a short-term hunger will not bring harm, but will save food.

, hunting or gathering wild edible plants.

Survival kit for fishing.

Fishing is the most affordable way to provide food in an emergency. On the one hand, fish is a higher-calorie product than most plant-based products. On the other hand, it is incomparably easier to get it than on-land game.

Hooks 3-5 pieces, for example, No. 3,4,8,10. Hooks made of good steel are distinguished by the fact that during compression they spring, and when released they take their original shape.
Doubles, tees 2-3 pieces.
Lures with leashes 1-2 pieces.
Mormyshki 2-3 pieces.
Artificial bait caterpillars, worms, flies, dragonflies, grasshoppers, etc..
Thin sheet lead sinkers.
Floats 1-2 pieces, you can use a pre-sliced ​​cork.
The fishing line is usually of two types of different thicknesses, 10-15 meters each, for example 0.2-0.25 and 0.5-0.6 mm.

You can see what specific hooks, fishing lines and artificial nozzles are in the survival kit set in the table below, in relation to the place of the intended trip (sea, lake, river) and the type of fish that lives there. Universal gear less catchy than individually selected.

  Habitat Fishing tackle Type of bait The best time of day and year for fishing Prim.
Perch Low flow ponds, ponds, lakes. Deep pits, cool branches with overhanging branches Fishing rod 3-5 m, hooks No. 5-7, fishing line 0.2-0.3 mm Earthworm, small crustaceans, chafer beetle larvae, bait fish, baubles, bloodworms Early morning, evening hours. Happy cloudy day. Round
Zander Rivers with clear water and a sandy bottom. Off the deep shores with snags. In the pits with a sandy bottom Rod up to 5 m, with a short fishing line 0.3-0.4 mm, hooks No. 7-9, zherlitsa Zhivets (gudgeon, bleak) Early morning, late evening, depending on the weather. All year round. The best months of June-July
Ruff Ponds, lakes, coast of the seas. Prefers whirlpools, deep, shaded, clay pits. Short flexible rod with a long, 11-18 meter fishing line, hooks No. 3-4, doubles, tees, fishing line 0.15-0.2 mm Earthworm, bloodworm From dawn until 10.00 and from 14.00 until dark. Winter in the daytime. All year round. The best months are May-June, September-October The nozzle must touch the bottom
Brook trout Mountain rivers with a fast current. Large spring streams. At rapids and rifts Short flexible fishing rod with hooks No. 3-4, fishing line 0.2-0.3 mm Earthworm, winged insects (flies, grasshoppers, large midges, etc.), spinners Early morning. All year round.
Grayling Rapid rivers above and below rapids, rapids Long fishing rod without float and sinker, hook No. 5-8, fishing line 0.1-0.2 mm Winged insects (gadfly, flies, etc.), bait fish (bleak, etc.), baubles Early morning from opening rivers to September
Pike Rivers, lakes, deep quiet backwaters near the coast with a grassy bottom, pools, under steep clay ledges, at the edge of reeds or algae Double, triple seine, hooks No. 10-12, fishing line 0.05-0.5 mm, zherlitsa Live bait (bleak, gudgeon), bird’s entrails, baubles Round the clock, except noon and midnight, in autumn and winter in cloudy weather in the daytime. April-June and August-September
Carp, carp Rivers, lakes, ponds, river pits with a clay bottom, under cliffs and steep mountains. Deep whirlpool with snags and stones on steep inversion of the channel A long rod with a long fishing line and a light (feather) float. Fishing line 0.3-0.45 mm, hook No. 10-14 Bread, undercooked potatoes, cereal grains. Earthworm Early morning, evening depending on the weather June-August
Crucian Low flow grassy bottoms, ponds, lakes Rod 3-4 m with fishing line 0.2-0.3 mm, hooks No. 3.5-5.5 Earthworm, bread, maggot, caddis flies From dawn to 10 a.m. until sunset. June July
Gudgeon Quiet, shallow rivers with a sandy bottom, backwaters near the forest. In the fall it goes into deep places with a muddy or sandy bottom near the rapids. The rod is 3-3.5 m with thin fishing line and a light (feather) float. Hooks No. 3-4, fishing line 0.1-0.2 mm Worm, bloodworm, maggot, mormyshka Daytime. From early spring to late autumn Keep the nozzle at the bottom
Bream Slow rivers, lakes, estuaries of large rivers. Pits under a steep yar with a flat clay-sandy bottom Rod 4-5 m, fishing line 0.3-0.4 mm, hooks No. 8-10 Earthworm, bees, wasps, brown bread, maggots Early morning before sunset. May-September
Roach Slow flowing rivers. Lakes with quiet warm water, off the coast covered with grass Rods up to 6 m, fishing line 0.2-0.3 mm, hooks No. 3-4 Larvae, earthworm bread, bloodworms, ant eggs, maggots, oats, mormyshka Before sunrise, 16-17 hours, until dark. All year round
Taimen Pools in their upper part; on stretches, not far from rapids and rapids Short rod, hook No. 8-10, fishing line 0.6-0.8 mm Spinner, dead fish Afternoon. Late autumn all day, sometimes at night. June-October. Keep the nozzle at the bottom

Hunting Survival Kit.

Small animals are most easily obtained using traps, rather than regular hunting. In this case, the choice of the bait and the location of the trap are of particular importance. Be patient. Animals will be wary until they get used to traps. Then they will definitely fall into them.

Fishing line 0.5-0.7 mm, 10-15 meters for the manufacture of bowstrings, hunting snares and traps for small game and bird.
Harpoons-arrows 2-3 pieces for the manufacture of arrows hunting bows, harpoons, prison.
Metal wire 0.5-0.8 mm for the device of snares, springs, traps, harpoons to harpoons and metal tips to bow arrows, the manufacture of fishing hooks, bullets for slingshots, leashes for spinners.
Rubber tube for making slingshots (it is possible to use a drinking tube if it is rubber).

Complete set of survival kit for cooking and storing food.

Metal foil for cooking in improvised saucepan boxes with the loss of dishes and food storage. You can take several types of different thickness and strength.
Thin steel cable 0.8 1 meter, diameter up to 2 mm for the device of the center.


Fishing line can be used.

For repair of clothes and shoes.
Drying fish, mushrooms, fruits.
As an auxiliary rope used for domestic purposes.
For the construction of shelters and housing.

The metal wire can be used.

For repair of shoes and clothes.
For making bonfire hooks.
As a wick frame for makeshift candles and fat lamps.

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