Self Defense Products: Best Gadgets And Tips for Self Defense

Self Defense Products: Best Gadgets And Tips for Self Defense

Going outdoors, whether for running, walking or hiking, can be just to relax and cool off, but many people do not consider the fact that being outside is not as safe as you may think, even in the nearby park. This is especially true when hiking. Animals in the wild tend to be shy and avoid humans (they also stay away from established trails), but nevertheless, they may feel in danger. When an animal feels threatened it attacks it as self-defense. Intentionally or not, if an animal feels provoked it must be ready to defend itself.

There are several very good methods to defend yourself without permanently damaging the attacker. Most of them are popular among runners since not only animals can be a threat, but also humans. We will give you an extensive list of popular and reliable products, as well as a little more information about their use and context of the situation.

Self Defense Products: Best Gadgets And Tips for Self Defense

List of the best spray products.

We will start this list with the most efficient article and that is the pepper spray. (oleoresin capsicum). It is widely used among regular pedestrians and runners. The upper limit is 15% Capsicum. This means that this is the highest possible concentration of the solution within which the law can allow you to carry. Basically, the oleoresin pepper is an extract of the hottest chili that exists in the world. The spray works by combing the extract with an emollient. In this way a spray or gel is generated.

Self Defense Products: Best Gadgets And Tips for Self Defense

It is also used by police officers. For different countries there may be different limits, so check the laws before deciding to travel internationally. The effect of pepper spray is that it causes an immediate irritation of the eyes, the nose and can hinder breathing, leading to coughing and sneezing. It lasts about 30-40 minutes. Within that time, it may be a safe distance away from the threatening individual or animal.

There are special sprays for dogs or bears, based again on pepper and pepper solutions. When you meet a wild animal try to stay calm. Running is the worst thing you can do unless the animal runs to you. As we said, animals are as afraid of humans as we are, so if you retire slowly (without showing your back to the animal) you can avoid using the spray. Use it only in case they attack you head on. There are many tricks to fool a wolf or a bear, but you must learn a little about their instincts and what drives them to attack their prey.

Self Defense Products: Best Gadgets And Tips for Self Defense

To add to the spray list, you can also consider the wasp and wasp sprinklers. They are also very effective in case of a large predator and, of course, against the attacking insects. There are many products, such as Raid Wasp and Hornet killer, Ortho Hornet and Wasp Killer, Spectracide Spray, Digrain insectaclear, etc. You can also prepare your own Wasp Spray and Hornet at home. You can find formulas on how to make your own product.

Self Defense Products: Best Gadgets And Tips for Self Defense

However, you should know that killing a pair of wasps will not be useful if the nest is nearby. In general, endangered wasps send signals to other wasps that are nearby, and the latter may get angry and attack you. So that can further complicate your situation. So point to your nest; That should be your only goal.

It is possible that some aerosols can not kill the nest, but others do. This way we will find the products of this last group. This must be explicitly stated on the product label.

More durable products

Another option for self-defense without lasting damage for the attacker is the stunner. It is a very convenient defense weapon, which is small and can fit in your palm or pocket and be used immediately, provided you have time to react. Some are very small, from cell phones to pager sizes. There are several types of stun guns, such as disguised paralyzing guns, flashlights and stun batons. The difference between the stun guns and the Taser is that the former fired a lower voltage through the attacker and only shakes them for a while. Tasers have much more lasting effects.

Another useful technology is the Taser C2.. Send enough voltage (several million volts in the best case) to immobilize the attacker. Its light weight and the size of a remote control. It shoots spikes that stick to the skin of the attacker and sends electricity that incapacitates the individual or the animal. The only drawback is that it works once, per person, and if more than 2 attackers surround you, you may have problems.

Self Defense Products: Best Gadgets And Tips for Self Defense

In such situations, a spray would be a better option, since it can act instantaneously and spray each and every one that approaches it. Otherwise, you can pack as many Taser cartridges as you can carry. Of course, if you are going to jog or hike in the country, carrying a lot of cargo can be counterintuitive. So, keep in mind where you will go and consider the pros and cons, and if a Taser is worth it.

There are also some very popular. Canes whose end has a stun gun, firing millions of voltages at the attacker. These can be used by both hikers and occasional pedestrians. It is very comfortable and can deceive anyone, especially people who think you are weak enough to keep a cane, until you stun them. Some of these clubs are made specifically for hikers; others are made for occasional citizens.

There is a very popular hiker staff, called Hike and # 8216; n Strike. Not only does it have the ability to shoot millions of volts, it also has a built-in flashlight at the end. It is expandable and can be used perfectly as a walking stick during walks. Its handle is made of rubber-coated handle to prevent the hand from slipping.

Self Defense Products: Best Gadgets And Tips for Self Defense

In general, manufacturers advise against intentionally confronting bigger and more aggressive animals, since it is not known how the animal would react to this high voltage. It is possible that larger animals are not as dazed as smaller ones, so you can even make them more angry. Again, the best advice is to avoid the animal as best you can and use the weapons you have as a last resort.

When it comes to hiking, during the winter, it is very convenient to take a Ice axe. Not only is it useful if you need it in icy areas, slippery rocks, etc., but also as a defense tool. However, you must be careful with him, since it is easy to kill him and you should avoid him as much as you can, unless your life is at stake. If you are directly attacked by a wild predator, use the ice ax at least to injure the animal. If there are more attackers, you may not have time to think about hurting. Self-defense in such a situation is your top priority.

Self Defense Products: Best Gadgets And Tips for Self Defense

While on the subject of steel weapons, there is a certain new product on the market called Zubinaxe. It is a stick with removable head, in which you can place different weapons such as saw, ax, spear, sling, etc. It is very practical, compact and can serve multiple purposes, from basic survival and hunting and, finally, to defending itself.

You can use light Also as a defense tool. It may not be as reliable and durable, but if it lacks defense tools, light can also be a savior. You can use it both in daylight and during the night. During the day, use a mirror or element with a metal surface to reflect light. Aim the light at the attacker to temporarily blind them.

Until they come to your senses, you’ll have some time to run. During the night, use your flash in the same way. Always aim the light directly at the face of the attacker. If you have matches and lighter (and some alcohol or petroleum jelly) make a flamethrower. Vaseline easily ignites, so if you do not have alcohol, use petroleum jelly.

There are special lanterns, calls tactical flashlights. They emit a much stronger point light that disorients the attacker. It is true that most tactical flashlights are designed for military use, but lately many more of these tactical flashlights find their way among casual citizens or hikers. Most of these items are made of a durable material, such as aluminum or steel to keep it lightweight and not break as easily as a regular pocket flashlight.

Therefore, to consider an ideal tactical flashlight for your purposes, you should look for the following: it must be at least 120 lumens, this is strong enough to blind the attacker for 3-4 seconds; It should be light and small, so that it can fit comfortably in your palm; It must also be waterproof, even if it does not make sense to you now, you want to trust it in any condition; and ideally it should be LED, since LEDs rarely break, while incandescent bulbs are much more fragile.

In addition, LEDs are more durable and do not deplete as quickly as incandescent bulbs. Some good products on the web are: Surefire P2X Fury Dual Output LED, Streamlight 88031 Protac Tactical flashlight 2L and NiteCore Extreme LED Flashlight. Of course, you can find even better versions, but these are a good starting point.

There are some combinations of a flashlight with a jagged bevel (read below) and have Taser finish on the bezel, so he can stun and immobilize his attacker immediately. A sample scenario: you turn on the light on your face, the attacker is disoriented for a few seconds, for that moment you reach them and hit them on the head with the end of the bezel and / or the Tasers at the same time. This would be the ideal case, so you do not have to fight.

You only have to flee as fast as you can, since you will have an advantage. A good tactical flashlight is, for example, special operations of Guard Dog. It offers 360 lumens of light resistance and fires 8 million volts. It has a light aluminum body.

Pocket knives They are also popular tools among hikers. It can be a much more primitive and aggressive tool, and is used only at close range, but as long as you maintain it as a habit, you will know that you can trust it. Practice at home to draw fast. Decide which is the best place to store it: on your belt, on the side of your pants, etc.

Firearms They are generally banned in national parks and national forests. If you plan to take an international trip or a walk, prepare by first reading the laws of the country or countries through which you will pass. If a country allows small firearms or specific stunning tools of that type, it can pack them safely.

Ideas on how to best use these products.

There are many products that can serve as self-defense tools, but there are some crucial points that should be mentioned. One very important thing is that many people do not know how to use the defense elements they bought, from sprays to knives. Before going for a walk or jog, consider reading the manual or instructions that come with the product. It is also highly recommended to practice at home alone or with a fictitious purpose.

You should know that if you go on a trip to North America, many bears are already used to withstanding aerosols and have learned to turn their heads when they see you are spraying them. Then, before you run out of the precious spray, try to aim exactly at the facial area, ideally in the eyes. Do not pulverize everything, but in small quantities, so you do not run out of content quickly. However, if it ends, play dead, lie on the floor with your stomach down (to protect your vital organs) and cover your neck with your hands.

Bears rarely attack humans (for the purpose of eating them), and if they consider you dead, they will leave. He may try to turn you around, so do not fight. However, try to lower your weight. The bear will not be interested in you if he considers you dead.

You should also know the psychology of the animals that are most frequently found in national parks. Some, such as wild cats and mountain lions, can be immediately deadly, but if it scares you by waving your cane, talking loudly and getting bigger, you can discourage a wild cat or lion to attack you. They have little resistance so they can decide that fighting with you is not worth it.

Other animals, like wolves, can be scared if you know how to do it. Usually, a lone wolf would seldom attack you, but it would be hard to scare a pack. There are many techniques, so you need to be prepared.

You should also know that you must have your favorite weapons at your fingertips. Preferably, it should not take more than a second for you to grab your weapon. Sometimes you have to be like a flash and react in the blink of an eye. Many people report how dogs or wolves attacked them from behind. Then, in such cases, you have to be as fast and flexible as possible. Therefore, our advice is to practice before you find a threatening wild animal.

In addition, we recommend that you do not rely on a single defense product. Sometimes some are defective or broken, or simply stuck. Be prepared with at least one more element. That’s why carrying a knife is almost always the best thing you can do. Anyway, bring some other tool, but never leave the knife at home. You should always bear in mind that having a backup (plan, equipment, tool, clothing) is the most intelligent thing a hiker can do.

Self Defense Products: Best Gadgets And Tips for Self Defense

When it comes to the tactical flashlight, we should note that some versions have a serrated bevel at the end. It is a very useful way to stun your attacker by hitting them hard with the bezel. Of course, you must know where you are going and be sure that the blow will definitely do the trick.

To round off this list of products, advice and advice from our side, we must say that constant vigilance is always an advantage. People are often attacked more frequently in the city or town, and much more rarely in nature. That does not mean you’re safer in nature. It is common for those attacked often in nature to spend more time there. If you are a regular hiker, you should consider defensive weapons as your top priority.

Practice in advance and learn about the psychology of certain animals or read about how to recognize if a person is a potential threat (before explicitly attacking you) are obviously excellent additions to have good defense tools.


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