Self-defense shotgun – tactics and application features

A while ago I watched the defensive shotgun tutorial video from Thunder ranch (The full version of this video, two parts, 37 and 86 minutes, can be found on DVD – Ed.).

I summarized what I said Clint smith (Clint smith, director and instructor of Thunder Ranch) and decided to post this summary. It can be interesting to note anything.

Smith is talking about the whole movie:

You must always consider the situation in the future.

It’s a mess. And, I’m not sure, I’m not talking to you. So …

Self-defense situation

It is important to remember 3 things.

  1. See your opponent’s hands all the time. if you don’t see them, no matter why – you have serious problems;
  2. A big role, oddly enough, is fear. You can just shoot him. if this is your victory, it’s an option. It was a rule of law if you could make it out.
  3. Crucial role in any self defense situation playing lawyer. In case of self – defense, it can be thought of. It is a very important condition for a lawyer, so you can testify against you in court.

What are the criteria for winning in self defense?

If you have been inspired by your opponent, you are ready to repeat. You can avoid problems with the court, which is precious.

Common problems


It is divided into 3 types – you can touch, two arms outstretched, further.

It is not needed and is dangerous. If your opponent is in danger! Break the distance at any cost!


Their number directly affects the time of the battle. For example, a 38-caliber 5-round revolver is the best choice for self-defense. No doubt it is compact. If you have at least a 6-shooter revolver. If you don’t have anything else, there are high-speed cooldowns. It is very important to be able to recharge in a stressful situation or even under enemy fire.


Another important thing is accuracy. It is a lot of funeral movement. Hence the conclusion (and).

What is better than that?


It must be able to identify. They are different, not only growth frontal. They stand sideways, sit on their knees, move, hide. Follow, dash, you should prepare for growth.

You must evaluate your target and its motivation. Are you drunk Under the drugs? Afraid of you, no? Can you stop him? It often happens that you will not intimidate him.

You must be able to look for what you need to do.

6 decisive factors in battle

1. Mental training

You should think about it. This is very important – as soon as you understand the distance, the nature of the terrain, etc. – you will understand that you need to train directly.

2. Elements of tactics

Do not underestimate the enemy. Once your made? Or maybe you are a fool? In addition, the enemy can be better prepared and armed.

3. Weapons and equipment

If you’re a one-shot shotgun.

Be prepared that you’ll get more shocked. If you shoot, you will shoot disgustingly in a battle. If you’re not in the shooting range, then you’ll be around the average.

4. Shelters

Important thing. But each particular shelter should not be considered. 100% of protective shelters didn’t happen – didn’t your opponents arrived with a machine gun? Therefore, most shelters should not be considered only as a visual, which is generally quite good.

5. Signs of a goal

Until you saw the target, what are its signs?

  • sounds (steps, shutter click)
  • movement (very well distinguished by lateral vision)
  • color contrast (white clothes against black wall and vice versa)
  • easily recognizable silhouette of a man

6. Furnishings

What is the most important skills? Minimize your time as you approach them. There is a clear plan for you to enter.

Your weapon is a shotgun

This is still a universal weapon, it can be both offensive and defensive. It is also profitable for money – 50 bucks for a single track versus 600 for M4.

Single and double-barreled single shotguns, for all their seeming inefficiency,

  • the cheapest,
  • the most reliable
  • with proper preparation can be easily set the heat.

The best self-defense.

Pump gun more expensive, but more expensive. Of all the shotguns, the pump is the most versatile and balanced.
Semi automatic shotgun reliability is worse than others.

What else is a good shotgun?

Even 1 hit carries a very high OD. Psychologically, an opponent than a pistol. Here, however, there is some dependence on the size of the gun. If you threaten your opponent with an ultrashort gun, then the fear is much less.

Shotgun At a distance of 10 meters, the distance will be about 25 cm apart. Even if you hit your opponent with the no. 7 fraction, listen to yourself.

And of course, among the advantages of a shotgun – A wide selection of ammunition.

Shotgun flaws

Short distance application. There is no more than 70 meters between you. In the negative go shot noise and recoil, so children, women and just drisham 12 gauge will not work. Also, the relative disadvantage of the store. This requires the development of specific skills for fast reloading.

The ideal shotgun in a spherical vacuum gives a 2.5 cm per 1 meter of sheaf (plate). At 10 meters this plate will already be 25 cm. However, it’s not a matter of 1-2 meters – need to learn shoot straight of shotgun near.

Clint doesn’t recommend firing a bullet from a shotguns with a chock above 0.5. The manufacturer may be admitting this, but according to his experience, he chooses out at the most inopportune moment now. So out of 4 of his shotguns, the choke is worth only 1.

Taking into account the distance spreading at a distance. Then, find out your shot and train with it.

Here is an example of a fraction spreading scheme:

distance shot out conclusion
0 – 10 meters from 2.5 cm to 25 cm need to aim!
10 – 30 meters from 25 cm to 75 cm no longer demanding on accuracy
30 – 50 meters a fraction cloud is formed, called “donut” The opponent can safely pass between two grains.

Once again it is necessary to emphasize the exact spread.

Some features of shotguns

  • It is a risk of hitting you with a shot. There is another tab. You can read more about it.
  • It’s best to use your hands when it’s around. Consider that you can cling to interior items.

Ideal homemade, from Clint’s point of view, this Remington 870 with forearm Suurefire cartridge for body.

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