Self Defense Techniques: Explaining Basics Everyone Should Know

Self Defense Techniques: Explaining Basics Everyone Should Know

As soon as you start your adult life, you will get all kinds of responsibilities that you really do not want. As a fresh adult, you have financial responsibility, you need to learn to support yourself and, someday, your family. However, no one thinks about the only responsibility he has for you and your own personal safety. Learning some self-defense techniques should be one of the first lessons to prepare for your adult life. You may never have to use these techniques in a real way, but having the knowledge allows you to have more confidence in your own powers.

Unless you live on the top of a mountain, you have to deal with other people every day. You never know when a violent guy is going to cross with you or when a small thief begins to look at your bag. Although we like to believe that we live in a civilized world, there are dangers lurking in every shadow and you may find yourself in an unpleasant situation after every corner. Being prepared allows you to handle the situation without requiring any other assistance.

It’s true, we have law enforcement bodies and they do their job, but do you really want to base your hopes on someone who is a few miles away when you come face to face with an attacker? This is where those self-defense techniques you’ve learned are useful. You have the opportunity to defeat the one who tries to scare and dominate you and even gives it to the police.

Self Defense Techniques: Explaining Basics Everyone Should Know

Another situation where you might encounter bullies and low lives is in the desert. As difficult as it sounds, there are groups of thieves who go through the woods looking for a kicker who travels alone or from a group that seems vulnerable and easy to attack. They take advantage of the fact that there is no one to help and they can steal your equipment (we know it is expensive) and any cash that you have on you.

It’s a very bad situation if you do not know how to defend yourself! It is not enough that you get scared and your ego breaks up, they also let you handle survival in the desert without food, water and equipment. This is how an outdoor adventure that started quite well can become a real nightmare.

So, even if it’s hard to believe, you may find yourself in a face-to-face situation with an attacker. Regardless of your size, previous training or the fact that you are a man or a woman, there are several basic self-defense techniques that can help you defeat your attacker.

Prevention – best self-defense technique.

As we said, it’s good to know how to defend yourself, but the best way to really use self-defense techniques is to not use them at all. You can avoid a direct confrontation if you do not see yourself as a suitable victim in the eyes of an attacker. Most of those who live in low life look for easy goals that they can not or can not defend, so make sure you know your surroundings and take all the necessary safety precautions. Here are some basic safety precautions:

  • Before approaching your door or your car, always be sure to look around and see if there is nobody around.
  • Do not wear expensive jewelry or bags when traveling alone.
  • Park your car in a well-lit area and always keep your keys in your hand as you walk to the car. If you stop right next to the car and start looking for the keys in your bag, it distracts your attention and you may lose someone who is behind you. If you keep the keys in your hand, you can unlock your car and enter quickly.
  • Do not walk alone in a dark alley, late at night. Darkness is the best hiding place for this kind of people.
  • Do not be predictable! Try to take different routes when walking home or to the store. This discourages someone who is looking for a pattern.

Sometimes, even if you take all the precautions of the world, you can end up with an attacker in front of you. If this happens, try to deactivate the situation if you think it is possible. Even if you are very afraid, your brain can still quickly assess the situation. The most important thing is not to freeze.

Try and see if you can dissuade your attacker from attacking you. An attacker who seems insecure, who trembles or shows remorse can be open to discussion. Also, if they only want valuables from you, it is better to deliver them instead of fighting. If the attacker has a weapon, do not even think about it, simply hand over the purse or wallet. Your life is definitely worth more than what you have at that particular moment in time.

If there is no possibility of getting out of this without a physical confrontation (the attacker touches you or you are sure you will not get out of this) it is time to apply some basic self-defense techniques. Do not be intimidated by the size of your attacker. Even a big man (or woman) has its weak points. The main way to show the attacker that you are not an easy target is to react quickly. Do not let them take you by surprise, instead of trying to surprise them.

Self Defense Techniques: Explaining Basics Everyone Should Know

The first self-defense technique is to make noise and retreat. Shout as loud as you can “Back off!” and push the attacker back. Try to get as much as possible on your face. This will alert others around you that you are under attack and will also show your attacker that he is not dealing with an easy target.

Of course, it will not work in all cases, but in more than half of the cases, the attacker will be frightened. If you are an attacker, do not back down, you only have a few seconds to react and tip the balance to your advantage. Do not think about it and show no mercy with your successes. You did not ask to be attacked and, once another person is in your personal space, he grabs you and tries to immobilize you to hit you or hit you.

The best defense is to point to weak points. Regardless of the person in front, these are: points located on the head (eyes, nose and ears), the side of the neck and throat, the center of the torso, the groin area, the knees and legs. When you are under attack, quickly assess the situation and hit the points you can reach the best. Read forward to see how to attack any of these points.

Basic self-defense techniques that everyone should know.

It is easy to imagine a scenario in which you are alone somewhere and a big guy is presented with the obvious intention of hurting you. We’re turning our attacker into a guy right now because it’s easier to imagine, but he rests on the shore, women can also attack you. Never think that your mother taught you to never hit a woman. If you are under attack, it does not matter who is in front of you.

The head has some basic points that you can attack:

  • The eyes: an attack here will produce a lot of pain and will leave the attacker disoriented allowing you to escape. Try to prick or scratch them with your fingers or your knuckles. Do not hesitate and hit hard.
  • Nose: If you can reach it, point to the nasal bones. Use the heel of your palm to hit up and do it with your whole body. If the attacker is behind you, use your elbow to hit hard and well.
  • Ears: They are also weak points of our body, even if you do not think about it. Then, if you have the opportunity, make a clap. This means that with a fast and strong movement you hit your attacker right in the ear, forcing him to tilt his head to the side, and finish the movement by hitting him with the other hand.
  • Neck and throat The side of the neck is where the main veins are exposed (jugular and carotid). These are the main ways in which blood flows through the brain and you can use an exposed lateral neck to atrophy your attacker. Hit it with your hand as if you wanted to break a brick with only the inside of your palm. All your fingers should be kept straight and together, with your thumb tucked in and slightly bent at the knuckle. The blow should be short and strong.

Here you can see a video tutorial on how to slap.

If the throat is exposed, use your elbow and your arm to hit it hard and strangle it by cutting off your breath. This will cause your attacker to back up and bend down trying to catch your breath.

  • The center of the torso It is another point that you can attack successfully. It’s right above the stomach, under the ribs. If you deal with a tall man, this is the point at which you can reach most easily. Use your elbow or your fist and put your whole body in this stroke.
  • The groin area It is a weak point well known in men, so if you have the opportunity, use it! Hit him hard and run! It will take some time for the attacker to recover from a good groin injury that allows him to get safe or receive help.
  • Knees and legs: incapacitate your attacker with a good kick in the knee or in the shin. These areas are safe to kick without the attacker grabbing your foot.

Of course you can make combinations of these self-defense techniques to send your aggressor completely.

Self Defense Techniques: Explaining Basics Everyone Should Know

Be sure to use all parts of your body that can be used as a weapon: the head, elbows and knees. These are naturally difficult and, using the right force, can become very good weapons of self-defense. Do not stop either. Hit with all the strength of your body. You want to incapacitate the attacker so as not to enervate him.

Here we have a video tutorial on how to use three basic self defense techniques to escape an attacker.

Another very good advice from experts in self defense: be creative. We know it’s a bit difficult to concentrate when you’re under attack, but with calm and self-control you can think of an attack. Take everything you can and use it as a weapon. Even your keys can be used to inflict more pain.

Self-defense techniques to get out of common prey.

There are some common prey that an attacker can catch you to try to immobilize you. Of course, there are some common self defense techniques that allow you to free yourself from these handholds and reach a position of superiority in which you can attack the aggressor.

Type # 1 – wrist bra

Here the attacker grabs you by the wrist and keeps you tight. The basic technique of self-defense to get rid of this is to find the weak point of capture. In this type of grip, the weakest point is between the thumb and the four fingers. Try to turn your arm (you can do it no matter how tight the grip is) to be with the narrow part of your arm in the weak point and then push your hand in that direction, thus obtaining your freedom.

Do not try to throw, hit or kick the one that holds you because you will lose your base and you will no longer be able to control your position. Once you are free, you can apply one of the basic self-defense techniques discussed above.

To make sure you learn the movement correctly, here is a video on how to free yourself from a doll.

Type # 2 – front and rear choke

How can you defend yourself when an attacker grabs you by the neck? The first impulse is to grab the arms and try to remove them from your neck, but you can not do it. Your arms are strongly positioned in place and you need to approach the problem from another angle (literally). Place one of your hands on the man’s esophagus, right in the throat area and press hard. During the same time, while extending your arm, try to free your neck from the restraint. Be sure to press your throat hard with your fingers and push with all your strength.

Type # 3 – bear hug

This type of grip is where the attacker attacks you from behind and grabs your body and arms with force. If you can, crush your feet (especially if you’re a woman who wears high heels); If not, try using your elbows to hit your head. Another good technique is to pull your fingers towards the back of your hand so that you can release the grip.

Of course, there are other good self-defense techniques to use, but we’re going to let these two kids in the video above explain how to get out of a winning hug.

Type # 4 – mounting position

This is one of the most difficult positions to leave. You do not want to be trapped on the ground, on your back with a big guy on top of you. This is also the low life use position for the violation, so you should know how to avoid it and how to get out of it. There are some basic techniques of self defense to get out of one of the worst positions you can be in, but we recommend the one presented in this video tutorial. Look at it and learn because you may never know what may happen tomorrow.

These are just some of the positions that an attacker could get, but the techniques used to escape from them can help in other situations. Be sure to learn the techniques theoretically and then apply them in practice. Ask a friend or your partner to help you practice to make sure you know the technique correctly. There are also many variables during a real fight that can change the odds in any way, so you must be able to react quickly and intensely to any change.

Remember: after you leave your aggressor and incapacitate, do not keep hitting or kicking because that is an aggravated assault and you will have to answer before the law for this. Just lower it, hit it a few times to make sure it will not run you over and get out of there as soon as possible. Once you start running, do not stop until you reach safety.

Self Defense Techniques: Explaining Basics Everyone Should Know

The basic techniques of self-defense are extremely useful for both adults and children. Attackers see children as easy targets and will be surprised when he or she defends themselves. Be sure to teach your whole family about self-defense techniques and practice as much as possible. The practice will help you to react appropriately in a real assault situation.


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