“Self-defense techniques”

Every woman knows what to hit in the groin. From this man should curl up and cry.

Every man, attacking a woman, trying to hit the balls. Mildly, does not please him.

The goal is to complete the game.

No, well, the truth, the most expensive. Bitch

It is a widespread belief in self-defense. This is a striking pattern of hand-to-hand combat.

But it is not so.

“Pony” make up about twenty percent of the total arsenal of Krav Maga. If you’re a little bit crazy, you’ll be able to keep yourself safe.

Cossacks, weapons and other security systems; but this is a topic for a separate article.

A blow to the groin with a knee or toe is, of course, good. It is effective. But!

If we are talking about a dummy

For some reason, it can be “by default”. It’s so easy – a finger in the eye, a knee in the groin. True, the people who say this.

“Can you play the violin? “I don’t know, I haven’t tried it.”

It means that the opponent moves away from the wrist. Then click, then turn, it will fall, self-defense is easy! “A light impact on the nerve ganglia is enough”, yeah, right!

I call this “homeopathy for self defense”.

Homeopathy does not work.

There are no problems with spraying, no firing, no pods, no spraying

Podlyanki – they like salt and pepper. It is a way to cook.

But – oh, horror! – pods themselves are not sewn with us! They also need to train!

And there is one problem. It has been shown to be complete. And what about “deadly tricks”, such as breaking fingers, spilling, squeezing eyes and so on.

Answer: special shells and protective equipment.

“Vile” can be trained even if you’re a noble gentleman. It is not a rule.

You can not defend against them.

Anton Farb

Self defense

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