Self Defense Tips for Women: Effective Tricks And Techniques

Self Defense Tips for Women: Effective Tricks And Techniques

In today’s uncertain world, where psychopaths and criminals walk the streets along with ordinary people, it is especially important that women be very careful. Unfortunately, women are often more subject to attack, and because they are weaker than a man, they are also more vulnerable. This is the reason why women should be aware of their weaknesses and should take time to learn some techniques and practice them.

In this article, we will share a list of self-defense tips and techniques for you (women) in the hope that you will be provided with the means to defend yourself. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of tips on self defense, but many of them contradict common sense. We collect tips and techniques, which are recommended by military and defense personnel.

Prepare mentally and have a plan

Mental preparation is the first step to really accept the possibility of a violent attack. As statistics on raped or raped women continue to accumulate, you should be aware that these things happen. You can tell yourself that this will not happen to you, but this is just an illusion. Denial will not lead you to defend yourself when the need arises. While accidents occur (hurricanes, plane and car accidents, earthquakes, etc.), mental preparation will put you almost in the middle of the crowd.

Self Defense Tips for Women: Effective Tricks And Techniques

Mental preparation goes hand in hand with a plan. An easy start is to take a personal defense course or seminar, or at least watch some videos (we’ll show them later). You need to train both the body and the mind. Visualize your self-defense techniques, practice them with a friend or partner (if you do not attend training courses). Move different scenarios in your mind, and even discuss with a friend about the scenarios you can find. Collaborate and practice together.

One last piece of advice: do not ignore your intuition. All creatures, animals and humans, have it, but with animals this is called instinct. We call it intuition. Because we rely too much on our intellect, we often neglect what our intuition is as a result. Therefore, if you have a bad feeling or feel uncomfortable for no apparent reason, be alert.

Observe your surroundings

He must be an observer, and everything that prevents him from being fully focused and aware of his surroundings, people, etc. it must be eliminated. For example, do not listen to music in public places or when you go out for a run. If something worries you, do not spend too much time talking on the phone. Avoid getting distracted with your technological devices.

Self Defense Tips for Women: Effective Tricks And Techniques

If you suspect you have a follower, try to lose it by crossing the street suddenly or enter a store. Surprise the suspect. It is possible that they do not expect it and, since they do not like to take unnecessary risks, this may dissuade them from pursuing it.

How not to look like a victim?

Criminals generally choose women because of their appearance, the clothes they wear, their hairstyle and their general appearance. If they seem distracted and unaware that other people observe them, they are a much easier goal. Women with long hair, ponytail and braid also make them vulnerable: the offender can easily pull the braid or ponytail and unbalance him.

Self Defense Tips for Women: Effective Tricks And Techniques

In addition, skirts, dresses and straps can be quickly removed or cut easily. Do not become an easy target. If the offender decides that you can be a hard nut to break, he will be discouraged from being assaulted.

Tips to be a smart car.

The parking lots are especially attractive for predators. Once you get close to your car or you delay a bit inside, anyone can go inside the car and even take a gun to ask you to drive. Then, once you are out of the building / store, pull the keys immediately until you are near the car. Do not unlock it too soon, since someone can enter before you see it. Unlock the car once you can touch the door handle.

When you enter the car, immediately close the doors and drive. Do not stay in the parking place with the doors unlocked, or it will become too easy an objective. Statistics show that many women are victims exactly in the parking lots. Do not send text messages in your car! If you see a suspicious person in a car or truck next to the driver’s seat of your car, do not approach him. Ask a police officer or someone to accompany you to your car. Use your keys (to stab) in case you need to defend yourself.

In the event that someone is already in your car for when you are in the driver’s seat, and you jerk up to your head, telling them to leave, do not do it! This means that it will lead to the second location, and you may have little chance of escaping.

Then, do not go! Instead, he crashes the car somewhere nearby. Alone, accelerate the car and crash. The airbag will save it, but the person in the back seat can be mistreated. Of course, there is a risk to this tactic, since the person can accidentally squeeze the trigger. Be smart and apply this tactic only if you are sure you can avoid accidental shooting.

Self Defense Tips for Women: Effective Tricks And Techniques

Behavior – how to recognize if it is dangerous.

There is a book called The Gift of Fear, written by Gavin de Becker. In his book, he talks about the behavior of predators and criminals. Since most of them do not specifically want to hurt you, they will begin by drawing you to an isolated isolated area and will push you to submit to them. Now, to avoid this second stage (which may become worse than you think), you should be aware of the control behavior.

Self Defense Tips for Women: Effective Tricks And Techniques

Here is how to recognize it.

  • They team up with you, pretending to understand how difficult something is (those shopping bags are heavy!).
  • They will be polite and charming, offering help.
  • They will begin to explain with too many details (which is not true) why they are here, that they lost their keys, that they are late for a party, that they have closed their car, etc.
  • Sometimes, they even employ the technique and # 8216; typecast, in which they use a friendly insult (and # 8216; Do not be silly, let me help you “).
  • They may imply that you need to return the favor (if they helped you with something) and, therefore, try to reach your home for apparently innocent reasons (to leave the bags in the kitchen).
  • They will promise something that was never asked of them. For example, if they leave the groceries, they are promised that they will leave immediately afterwards.
  • They refuse to comply with their objections and ignore their # 8216; No’s’.

Unfortunately, this incident with the purchases was true and as the woman did not see all the previous indications that this person can not be trusted, she was raped. This story can be found in the book.

Go to action

If it is physical contact, you will have to act. Some areas of the body are vulnerable enough, so you can try to use them to escape. If they attack you from behind, use your elbow (it’s the strongest part of your body) and hit the predator. Point to the face and throat. If you have free access (be sharp and observe the movements of the predator) kick them in the groin or knees. These are the most vulnerable areas (especially the groin).

Self Defense Tips for Women: Effective Tricks And Techniques

If you have exposed your armpits or the inside of your arm, pinch the skin as hard as you can. It has been said that if you do it hard enough, you can even tear the muscles. If you are not yet assaulted, but cornered, and the predator is near you, grasp the groin and squeeze, turn, pull, etc. as strong as I can. It can mutilate its private parts, but at least they can not violate it as a result (and it may not be possible for other people to do so in the future).

Also, whenever you have the opportunity to kick or hit, do it as hard as possible. Do not miss that opportunity. If you do not give everything, it may be the last chance you have. Men are physically stronger than women, and if they get angry, they can get dirty. Do not let the situation extend beyond control and struggle. Statistics show that women who fight are more likely to escape (and do so) than women who resisted with less vigor.

Stay away from the second location.

The second location is the place where the predator may try to take you. If you think you have a better chance of escaping by meeting the predator, you will be wrong. Most of the women who agreed to go to the second place, sometimes do not return. If the predator threatens you with a gun or a knife, try to escape. It depends on where you are. If you are in a public place, they will not shoot at you or hurt you (unless they estimate the risks).

Run if necessary. Do not be afraid if they shoot. If you run in a zig-zag pattern, your chances of hitting you are slim to zero. Striking vital organs is also very unlikely.

Be careful during the holidays

Women are also often assaulted while on vacation. If you are traveling alone, you should be even more careful. Do not let anyone (whom you do not know or trust) know you are alone. However, make sure your close friends or family members know where you are going. If you suspect that someone is following you, you can even make a call and briefly explain the situation. Stay alert and do not lose your sight follower. Be sure not to expose yourself while talking on the phone.

Self Defense Tips for Women: Effective Tricks And Techniques

While you are at the hotel, ask for two keys and explain that you are waiting for your husband or boyfriend. If someone is listening, they will know that you are not alone (even if that is not true). Do not leave your keys in the room while you are away and the maid is cleaning the room. Someone can choose it while she is not watching. Be sure to always lock the door when you are inside and do not let anyone in if you do not know them or do not trust them. If they claim to be hotel staff, call the reception to confirm it.

Stay safe at home too

The home is usually our safe haven, but if you are not smart about how to stay safe in your home, an assault may occur. Do not ignore the advice to always close the door, even if it is daytime. Do not let the criminal enter. If you have an alarm or a dog (s), they will emit a lot of noise. This generally discourages predators from choosing that particular home.

If you do not have any alarm system, next to your car, keep the car keys nearby, and if you suspect an intruder, activate the car alarm. Do not leave the windows open when you are unattended, especially if you have a large house and can not observe all the rooms and windows. Someone can sneak in while you’re not looking.

Techniques to be applied in case of physical assault.

In case it is a physical assault, and you can not escape, there are a lot of techniques you can apply to hurt or distract the predator, to have a minute of escape.

While holding your hands, you can turn and twist your arms so that your elbow (right or left) can hit you in the face. If they grab you from behind and your hands are not free, move to the side with your legs and block your feet, and when you lose your balance a bit, hit your face, groin or knee. To see the full list of these techniques, check out these 7 self-defense movements on YouTube.

Another useful technique is called y # 8216; The Shrimp ‘. You can, literally, save yourself from being raped. If you are stuck in the ground and the rapist is on top of you, you can twist (shrimp) your body, pushing lightly with one of your legs and slide to the side. Meanwhile, you put your other leg on the rapist’s hips.

If your hands are free, press the rapist, keep your arms straight and on your shoulders. While turning, place one arm on the elbow and place the other leg on the other side of the hips. This is where he will not be able to move. Even if he pushes towards you, your legs are stronger than his hips, and he will have to back off. When you do, start immediately kicking weak areas: face, head, chin, throat, groin, stomach. You will leave him defenseless and you will be able to escape.

To see the real techniques, look at this self-defense technique on YouTube.

In another scenario, you can be leaning against a wall at a party or on the street, and if someone approaches you, you can definitely press them. If they do not become aggressive immediately, you can use a technique that requires very little force. You can use the hollow area just below the throat, where the rib cage begins.

With both fingers, push towards the area and push the fingers down, as if trying to hook the aggressor. This will hurt a lot and drown them for a while. In the meantime, do not waste your time and kick the guy in the groin or other vulnerable areas. For a detailed explanation of this technique, see the video Self-Defense – Against the Wall on YouTube.

And finally, if it ever happens that someone tries to strangle you from behind with a belt or rope, you must make sure you do not stray from the attacker, because this will give you only a few seconds of awareness. Since oxygen can not reach your brain, you will faint.

To avoid that, when the attacker jumps on you and starts to suffocate you, turn around quickly and hit him in the face or throat. You must be sharp fast, but it’s still a plausible way to escape such an amazing attack. Look at the practice here – Defense against a strangulation from behind.

We strongly recommend that you take self-defense classes and watch more YouTube videos, and of course practice. Your body needs to memorize these movements and it will not happen if you simply watch or read the movements. Get your body to experience them.

The body has its own memory, so practice often with friends or take special training classes. You do not want to leave your defense to chance. So do not wait until it’s too late. While the issue is disturbing, do not avoid it, because denial or ignorance will not protect you.


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