Self Defense Weapons: Salt Spray Gun Spraying Toxin

Salt – gun for self-defense. This is a case of self-defense. However, it is not incapacitated. How it will be. Salt uses plastic charges filled with powdered toxin for firing. This powder reduces visibility by 100%, that is completely blinding. In addition, it becomes difficult to breathe.

This is a “charm” of the aggressor. It’s not always the case that it’s been close to: “What kind of rubbish?!”, “My eyes!” to coughing and choked curses. The effect of the chemical lasts for 15 to 30 minutes, then it begins to lose its strength. The poison cloud spreads over 4-5 steps.

On the gun there is even a Picatinny-type slat under the barrel.

It is $ 299 (already sold, but 50 bucks more expensive). And it’s not. But the concept of weapons is interesting: half traumatic and half gas pistol.

Editor’s Note. Salt is the name of the company itself. And the pistols are called Pepper Spray Gun. Available in two color variations – black and yellow. Stuck funny, but very effective.

Self Defense Weapons: Salt Spray Gun Spraying Toxin

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