Self-defense with weapons – 9 important tips

Self defense with weapons, fire or cold – a phenomenon quite rare in our environment. If you’re a little bit different, you’ll have to do it. It is a place where you can fight it out. Well, if you’re

If you’re taking care of your baby’s eyes To the police, to the police, to the police, to the police, to the police, to the police, to the police.

“It’s work, loans, crises, sanctions and other serious things. And then some – health and life. Pff, bullshit. And in general, what are we talking about? And what have self-defense with firearms? “

For example, it will be your own weapons. That is, the police. Again, cameras are everywhere. If you’re trying to find out what to do, then you can’t get it. 10 minutes after the murder.

If the answer is “yes”, you can no longer read. If the answer is “no”, which is for sure, then continue. For any situation, anywhere in the world. In the forest, in the city, in the city, in the city, in the water, in the city, in the country, in your own home. Yes, I am paranoid, but it is better to perebdet than …

If you read further, then you are aware of this, that you are used to thinking ahead. It’s possible that you’ve been marching arts, martial arts, and so on. It doesn’t matter what you think. This is already half the battle.

They are unpredictable and unpredictable. You can’t say it, you can’t get it out. But it’s not a problem. It’s a challenge to make sure you’ve been fighting with cold weapons.

9 instructions on self-defense with weapons

1. Situational Awareness: Be Careful

Any critical situation begins with the primary danger signal. This signal cannot be missed. Use your situational awareness. To explore additional possible threats.

This is the most important rule – if you can be avoided, bypass, return, this is the best self-defense.

2. Practice shooting: Do not focus on accuracy

First, once forgive courses for handling a license is not enough. Exercise regularly with your weapon, gun or shotgun. In this case, it is not a rule, but it is not a quick blow. Shooting, study the affected area.

When the weapon is carrying you. Quick access to it.

3. Eliminate Delays: Know Your Weapon

At the crucial moment. This happens for various reasons. According to statistics, it’s about 35% of the cases.

Train to eliminate delays and recharge as quickly as possible.

4. Movement – Life: Do not stand still.

Stands still, flooding, can you never get back. It is a conflict. The rule says – “Shot – change position.”

Train to move, aim quickly and easily. Contact us in the confined space of the building.

5. Ambient space: Always use cover.

Use cover when moving. Behind cover when firing. Take cover at the time of reloading. Using shelters for a lot of times, and improvise with types of shelters. Practice shooting from uncomfortable positions.

It’s not a problem.

6. Insufficient lighting: Be able to act in the dark

Most often, the bad guys. It is easier to go. But at the same time, visibility is severely limited. If you’re in the dark, you’ll be in the dark.

Practice working with a tactical flashlight, strobe mode. Remember – the flashlight itself is a weapon.

7. Weapon Accessories: Upgrade Your Weapon

It is a simple way to get rid of fanaticism. Namely – to improve the targeting capabilities and the amount of ammunition.

There is no need for any kind of light or flame retardant or a tritium illumination. Or, if you have a shotgun or a carbine, install a collimator sight (or holographic) – this is the most excellent solution. It is more difficult to put a collimator on a pistol, but it is possible.

It can be indispensable.

If you’re looking for a shotgun .

8. First Aid: Help yourself and others.

In the self-defense situation, when “either you or you,” someone will suffer. Therefore, it is extremely important to have basic skills for gunshot or other injuries. The bandage of the wound, the splint fracture, bring it up.

It is not a problem. ones are not in danger). And still innocent people may suffer …

9. Justice: Be prepared for responsibility.

Experts say that they are used for self-defense. It is physically necessary to survive. The second is “survival” in the face of justice. It is still murder or injury. And in all cases, the same laws will be applied.

Therefore, it’s important to keep track of the law on weapons. Remember that everything you say “in hearts” can be used against you. It will be carefully monitored, so that it can be in such a situation.

If you wish, you can hope for your peace of mind.

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