Self-defense without weapons, to help an operational police officer, a training manual.

and protective actions, the basics of tactical and psychological preparation are revealed. 

Reviewers of the manual Self-defense without weapons, to help an operational police officer: Department of Physical Training and Sports of the Kharkov Higher Military School of Logistics of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs and Master of Sports of the USSR, Honored Trainer of the Ukrainian SSR, Associate Professor of the Department of Martial Arts of the Kharkov Institute of Physical Culture Yu.Ya. Turchenko.

According to statistics, along with the general increase in crime in the country, the number of cases of resistance to police officers by criminal elements, including armed ones, has sharply increased. Organized crime is spreading, well-trained athletes who use different types of martial arts are used to protect its leaders and commit violent acts..

Unfortunately, law enforcement defenders do not always win in clashes with them. Among the various reasons that affect this state of affairs, the low applied physical fitness of law enforcement officials should be noted. Thus, the authors of this training manual believe that sambo, currently cultivated in many divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR, has become only one of the varieties of martial arts on a wrestling mat, which has almost nothing in common except for a name that does not have a system of effective hand-to-hand fighting techniques.

In addition, many employees are fond of various non-traditional types of martial arts, forgetting that a real encounter with a criminal is of a specific nature and the fighting in this case differs significantly from the conditions of a sports match. Therefore, the main objective of this work is to provide methodological assistance in mastering a holistic system of effective combat methods of self-defense developed by the department.

The authors hope that the work will help to master the modern teaching methodology, thoroughly study the mechanics of attacking and defensive actions, and learn the basics of tactical training for psychological preparation. The department recommends the use of reliable combining actions that have proven themselves in practice, offers new methods of external examination and binding of the detainee.

The contents of the manual Self-defense without weapons, to help an operational police officer.

General Provisions.
Impact Protection and Retaliation.
Technique of detention and escort techniques.
Capture exemption.
Disarmament techniques.
Ways of mutual assistance.
External inspection (search).
Combinations of pain.

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