Self fight in a street fight

Despite the abundance of publications (and, perhaps, because of them), most modern people have a misunderstanding. self defense. This is a kind of wonder-tricks or mega-strikes. And, In Turn, It Is Away, After All, You Can Know It. It can simply be. And as it is impossible.

Moreover, there can be a numerical superiority and a sudden attack.

It is not a problem. This is not the case.

Criminals never attack everyone. The victim is always chosen. For example, such as an unsteady gait, poor posture, a look lowered into the ground, etc. If you’re trying to

What is the treatment? self-defense. Moreover, each situation and person is unique. Therefore, we didn’t have to give advice. Well, you can’t make it a little bit different. The forehead is iron.

All recommendations are given for a street fight:

  • there may be several opponents;
  • opponents can be armed;
  • attack may be.

7 mistakes that should not be made in self-defense:

1. Do not fight

One of the crowd once said – throw deflection. Like, throw someone alone. So, they say, once his coach did – threw one “gop”, and the rest fled to where. It was not.

Can I recommend this method self defense average person? Think yourself. In addition, we’re a good fighter and try to simulate the situation. Let the wrestler throw one person (optional deflection). The main thing is the situation on the street. Suppose that the race was not a run away from the crowd. What will happen? Check it out.

2. You should not do creases

Again, do the experiment. Let there be several attackers. If you can “brush off” It is clear. Look

3. Do not beat your feet

It’s about high kicks. Especially in the crowd or against several attackers. Again, you can conduct an experiment. He was standing on one leg. Moreover, there is no need for athletes? Judging by the news reports, such come across all the time. Although usually these are wrestlers.

4. Do not give in to false pride

False pride and false shame are strong enemies of man. Because of them, people often break their own lives. What self defense? When you are defended by yourself, That’s what you’re from. If you’re not in hot water, you’ll only be able to use it. Of course, you need to overcome your way. But this is actually better. The initiative comes from you.

5. Do not think that the weapon is a magic wand.

“Trauma” is, of course, “cool.” But hey? Can you use it? In the extreme, a stressful situation? It is a good idea to overcome the inner threshold? Or, do you think that it’s beautiful, “cool”? It works not a weapon, but a man.

6. Do not let opponents at close range

This is one of the universal parameters. self defenses. It is a simple way to get hit. In addition, it takes less time than a defense. The blow. If you’re persistently “climbs” to you? It can be solved with words. Do not let strangers in your house.

7. Do not lose opponents out of sight.

It’s time to “start”. It is better to keep you away. From the back of the infamous Barracuda did. Those interested can watch the video on the Internet. If you don’t see a blow, it’s a knockout punch.

Practical advice

If in the process self defense it was a futuristic gesture,

  • Apply the usual boxing attacks, such as a straight or uppercut, but not the palm of your hand.
  • With the fisthy part of the fist
  • A jab at the side of the jaw will do.

It is not a dream that you can make it.

  • It has been a lot of fun.
  • Beat the knee on the side – also in the middle of the foot.
  • Heel or an opponent’s foot. It can be done by car, but with a slight turn. It is necessary to beat your nails with your heel.
  • Hit the knee in the groin.

Remember – the blow must be invisible. Therefore, to keep him away. Naturally, you should be morally strong enough for such “peepers.” Also, you can have such a blow. It is a palm strike in the chin from the bottom up.

If there are several opponents, try backwards, blows up the environment. If you can’t be like that? You do not fight, and attack in turn at each. The main thing in self defense – psychological attitude. Move, do not let hold or dump yourself. For this you can find on the Internet.

And most importantly, all situations are unique, and there are no ready-made recipes. It is a universal instruction for life. Think yourself, decide yourself, act yourself. All the situation.

Self defense

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