Self-made grouse stuffing, material, pattern and pattern, manufacturing procedure.

When hunting with grouse scarecrows, it is very important that the scarecrows attract the lizard and not frighten it away. Grouse stuffed many hunters, as a rule, make their own. 

Self-made grouse stuffing, material, pattern and pattern, manufacturing procedure.

Material for manufacturing – cloth, flannel, drape of black color. As raw materials, old worn coats and jackets are quite suitable. It is better if the material is dense, but not coarse – it is easier to smooth out defects after stuffing.

For internal stuffing of grouse, you can use any soft and elastic material – technical cotton wool, stitched cotton linings from worn winter things, linen tows, hay, straw, leaves, shavings. First, on the thick paper or thin cardboard, the upper and lower parts of the template are drawn and cut out.

Pattern for making grouse.

Self-made grouse stuffing, material, pattern and pattern, manufacturing procedure.

When marking, do not forget to flip the template to the back. To do this, fold two patterns in the shape of a bird and mark the top. According to the pattern-patterns, blanks (two upper and two lower halves) are cut out, first two upper ones (from the inside) are folded and sewn together, starting from the base of the spout through the head to the base of the tail feather and further to the middle of the breast.

Then they turn it out and the nose is carefully sewn up from the front side. Further, starting from the breast, in the same way to the upper part, two lower halves are alternately sewn. Having sewed tail braids, we get a lyre-shaped tail. The breasts and belly of stuffed grouse are also stitched with an internal seam. In the middle (in the area of ​​transition of the breast into the abdomen), a hole is left through which the stuffed animal is stuffed.

First, the head is tightly packed (if the material is thin, then a wooden cone must be inserted into the nose) and the neck, then the base of the tail and the tail of the grouse stuffed, the upper half. Insert the wire reinforcement with the curved side to the side of the breast, both free ends (legs) are brought out. Stuff and stitch the breast and abdomen.

Legs at a distance of 7-8 cm from the base are wrapped with a strip of material. 25×6 mm eyebrows are sewn or glued from dense red material. Sew a tail in the width of the two lower seams, with the top to the tail. Having an electrical tape or patch, a stuffed animal at the ends of the legs is easy to attach a pole.

Based on the materials of the book “Fishing tackle and do-it-yourself hunting equipment. Production and repair “.
Storozhev Konstantin.

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