Self-rescue skills, prevention and application of self-rescue skills in practice.

Based on the fact that self-rescue skills are strength, the ability to put these skills into practice is doubly strong. And theoretical knowledge helps to avoid an emergency and helps to save life in emergency conditions. Avoid category is the same prevention. 

Self-rescue skills, prevention and practical application of self-rescue skills.

It’s not enough to know that you cannot cross the street to the red color of the traffic light. This is so everyone knows. It is necessary to work out the corresponding conditioned reflex in oneself, for which at least a dozen times to stop in front of the inhibitory signal. And get used to it. And therefore not to fall under MAZ, which did not have time to brake. You need to accustom yourself, entering the unlit front door, look around the dark corners before you literally beat this useful habit into the head of a dubious kind of personality. But for this, again, at least several times, stop and deliberately look around.

And mechanically close the gas when leaving home. And put hazardous chemicals on the highest shelves. And do not turn on the switch without knowing who turned it off for what purpose. And still do a lot of what needs to be done mechanically, not following the mind, but once and for all developed habit. And then you will avoid collisions with MAZ, and with access bandits, and your fault will not make your child drink vinegar essence, and the distant, invisible electrician will not clog in electric convulsions from the fact that you, without thinking, turned on the switch.

in a peaceful environment, the more so will not be able to do it in battle. For example, when it will be necessary to lower your child from a window to the ground. He will not master those nodes. And if it binds, it will be such nodes that at the most inopportune moment blossom. Because knowing how knots fit together does not mean knowing how to knit them. To do this, fingers must be able to work, not just memory. And do not have any illusions on this score. Truly, a person can only do what he can do with his own hands.!

Based on materials from the School of Survival in Accidents and Natural Disasters.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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