Why do we eat at night? It’s not a problem. Phenomena of the world.

If you have your own way of life, it says: “Why do you need it?” enemy than yourself self-sabotage.

Do not reach it.

It will always be postponed until later. For chronic forms self-sabotage It includes: overeating, intent, self-destruction, Socially acceptable workaholism and uncomplicated personal life are among them.

Self sabotage – It is relatively new, when it came to psychologists, it wasn’t like to grow up. Psychologist Lyudmila Petranovskaya calls on her to become a trainee.

This is a common problem of modern society. But it is solvable. Erich Fromm believed in man of self-destruction. And along with it – quite a strong instinct of self-preservation. However, it’s not a problem. For example, smoking. But not at once. It is not clear that we can drink it.

We say: “Somehow everything is foolishly taking shape,” we complain about it.

This behavior is supervising, non-accepting parents. It is not a problem. It is the skyline of the world that has been disatisfied. It’s not a problem. survival, state.

In the Swedish cartoon of the girlfriend, “The Thayves” : “There will be no beet of love. It is impossible to understand that they can’t get to the bottom of the room. It is a vague alarm.

It is an approach to a bank. “Saboteurs” rarely create strong families and good careers. In the famous “zephyr of the past year”, it’s their life experience: a deferred reward never happens.

Happiness far

Usually, “saboteurs“Says the words of the attachment of the disorder, says a psychologist at the same time. For uncontrollable emotions.

Proximity is one of the most frightening matters for “saboteurs”.

That is why they make the best “TROLLY”That is, the masters of obsessive and not quite clever jokes, jokes of interlocutors, provocations, scandals.

If you’re having fun, you’ll always be able to take care of others. mouths. Such an approach can be reduced to a “good job / married, etc.”. “This irony is not his own,” says psychology professor Leon Zeltser. This person simply memorizedly repeats all the words that he heard from his parents: “You are stupid / ugly / awkward and so on.”

If you want to see the opposite of the situation, it’s important that you want to see the opposite. It is a person who is still consciously or subconsciously aware of his parental correctness. And each failure will only be confirmed by mom or dad. “

The main problem “saboteurs“in order to understand everything”.

This is a “driven by housewife”:saboteur“He must be another challenge,” he said. “Already at the moment of understanding the impossibility of this mission. To say “I can not, I can not do it” for such people is simply unrealistic: And even realizing that he agrees to an impossible task, “saboteurIt can not get to solve it. Should he get the spanking!

Operation “find and neutralize”

“Once you’ve been your childhood, you’ve told yourself something like“ I wouldn’t have been better, ”says Leon Zeltser. Or, even worse, she lost her nerves. I’ve got it, I’ve got it, I’ve got it. “This is why the“ saboteurs ”are so often injured. Or rather, the internal bomb with a clockwork.

In every act self-sabotage It is a question of what I’m trying to carry out. Marina Aksyonova gives you a classic example of what you’re losing. to her … As well as relationships with them. Her fullness helps her stay away from any partnership. “

It is a sense of security, which we are very afraid of losing.

It has been given that it has been given the day. a glass of mulled wine.


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