Sensitive elements of simple mechanical traps, stretch marks and struts, their possible location when guarding traps.

The simplest sensitive element of simple mechanical traps are stretch marks. Usually a banner blocks the road and the victim touches it when moving. When guarding a person, stretching is stretched in different ways, often at the level of the lower leg. 20-25 centimeters from the ground or below, sometimes at chest level. 

Sensitive elements of simple mechanical traps, extensions and struts, their possible location when guarding traps.

When the rider moves, the stretch is set taking into account the fact that the horse will touch it. Not to be confused with the case when a wire or rope is pulled across the road in order to bring down a rider, cyclist or most often a motorcyclist. Sometimes a bait is tied to a stretch, the beast comes across it more often, having felt the resistance of a stretched thread, he may try to tear the bait off.

Sensitive elements of simple mechanical traps, stretch marks and struts, their possible location when guarding traps.

Seeing a stretch, a person is likely to be wary, easily determine the presence of a trap, render it harmless and carry away the bait. In this case, the stretch must be carefully masked. Often a tie is tied at one end to the bait and the other to a trap disguised as bait or to the side. For catching a person on bait, reverse sensing elements are more often used, while the mechanism keeps the weight of the bait from being activated and it is not directly connected with the sensitive element.

The banner is tied to a door that needs to be opened, to a branch that, when moving, can be accidentally touched, or this branch is positioned in such a way that it blocks the victim’s path, interferes with viewing or taking the bait, and so on. In addition to stretching, a spacer is often used, the victim touches it, shifts it and disengages the guard mechanism.

No less popular than stretching is the element that sets the trap in motion when stepping on or pressing on the lid, step, sludge (stick), floorboard or plate. Lightly covered with thin branches and sprinkled with leaves. In this case, the trap is triggered even if they did not step directly on the snl. The slag itself can keep the mechanism from triggering, acting as a spacer. Or, when lowering it, it can drag an element holding the trap (guard).

Sometimes a couple of vertical pegs blocks it from moving the slop to the sides. The role of a sensitive element is sometimes played by a gatehouse acting on the principle of stretching or spacers.

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