September 11 attacks. Black Tuesday in US history

Once he was prepared, he argued that he had already been prepared. Since then, it has been a very different scenario. He received his best friend, ready to break for his sake, anyone. Straight by Confucius. “You can not defeat the enemy – become his best friend.”

But a holy place is never empty. It appears that the force has entered into the abyss. It is not the capitalism, but not the oligarchy. Completely. Into the abyss. How unworthy to exist.

Of course, it wasn’t even the panic, and the Communists showed that

Of course, there is not much in common between the communists and the militant Islamists.

The World of War 11 – The beginning of the Third World War?

are different. But – a series the attacks of September 11, 2001 – It has been noted that the

In the morning 11 September 4 types of aircraft of the Boeing 767-200, departing from Boston, Washington and Newark; Two aircraft crashed into the Pentagon building in Washington. It was the capitol or the White House.

Flight 11 american airlines tower of the world 8:46:26 before 8:46:40 local time, at about 94-98 floors.

American airlines flew out of Boston, crashed into the world of the World Trade Center, 9:02:59, approximately at the level of 78-85 floors.

Flight 77 American airlines flew out of washington, crashed into the Pentagon building in 9:37:46.

Flight 93 American airlines flew out of newark in 10:03:11 fell on a field in the state of Pennsylvania about 240 km north of Washington.

Tuesday was not chosen by chance for the attack. According to statistics, it was not even a day of even half full.

Passengers of Arab countries hijacked airplanes, most of them were from Saudi Arabia. On flights 11, 175, 77, there were five terrorists; It wasn’t been a return ticket on hand).

It has been noted that this is the case. The terrorists rehearsed the seizure of the aircraft and its subsequent retention.

It is worth noting that they were not allowed. It is not a hard way to guess (this is the flight recorders confirm this).

Rammed buildings distributed in advance.

September 11, Flight 93 – how it was

On board the aircraft were two pilots, five flight attendants and 37 passengers, four of whom were hijackers. Ziad Jarrah from Lebanon, the chronology of events.

Scheduled for 08:00, departure – at 08:01. However, it was delayed until departure 08:42. Who knows where to go?

By this time, Flight 011 had already been captured, and after another 4 minutes, it crashed into the World Trade Center. Flight 175 will be captured in 9 minutes.

This is not the case. For some reason, terrorists on flight 93 waited 46 minutes.

09:02 Flight 175 rammed the WTC South Tower, and it became clear. Dispatchers began to send warnings to all airplanes in the air. At 09:24, the pilots received a message – “Beware of the cockpit – two planes crashed into the World Trade Center” Jason

AT 09:27:25 the crew responded to the dispatcher

AT 09:28:17 crew crew sent a distress call “Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! ”In the cockpit heard the sounds of struggle. After 35 seconds, the distress signal was retransmitted. In the cockpit, someone shouted: “Mayday! Get out of here! Get out of here! “

AT 09:31:57 Jarrah, the suicide bomber, announced: “Lady and gentlemen, says the commander.”

It is probable that the announcement of the Jarrah.

The dispatcher asked, “Who is calling Cleveland?” There was no answer. It is a battle between terrorists. “Do not move” “Shut up” “Lie down”. Some woman tried to resist, Someone said in Arabic: “Everything is in order. I finished “.

Ziad-Samir Jarrah - United Airlines Flight 93 during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attackZiad-Samir Jarrah – United Airlines Flight 93 during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack

AT 09:39:11 Jarrah again made the announcement of the traffic controllers: ““ The captain says. Stay where you are. We have reached our destination. Please do not make a noise. “

Calling the families. Starting from 09:30, 35 calls for mobile phones. Ten passengers and two flight attendants managed to get through. They were informed about the threat of suicide bombers.

It is an indestructible person. For a long time. “Everything will be fine”. “The negotiations will enter with them.” “Help will come, necessarily.” “The Lord will not leave us in trouble.”

To be saved, it was not necessary to act, but even in this case, the chances of success were not very high. However, by the rules of terrorists. “Between” and “bad”, but between “bad” and “worse”.

AT 09:45:25 Arabic (obviously, the pilot)

AT 09:53:20 someone in arabic

Approximately at 09:57 passengers decided to storm the cabin. Terrorists suspected something was wrong.

AT 09:58:33 someone in Arabic said “Go, guys,” and then began to cry out to Allah. (“Alla Akbar”). Behind the door there were sounds of struggle.

AT 09:58:55 someone in English shouted: “In the cockpit!”.

09:58:57 He shouted in Arabic: “They climb here. Do not let them! Do not let them! Hold on! “In 09:59:52 a suicide bomber AT 10:00:03 He stabilized the plane and after 5 seconds asked: “Well, what, everything? We’ll finish off? ”To which another terrorist replied:“ Not yet. As all will enter, then we will finish. “The terrorists had previously been used by the drugs.

AT 10:00:25 Behind the door, someone shouted: “All to the cockpit! Otherwise, we will all die! ”As a ram used for a delivery trolley. Jarrah again threw the plane up and down, then at 10:01:08 he asked: “Well, what, down?”, To which he received the answer: “Yes, down”.

Passengers continued to storm the cabin. AT 10:02:18 someone in Arabic shouted: “Down! Way down. “We are falling. Push it! Push it! Push it! Push it! Push it!”

Now panic reigned in the cabin. AT 10:02:33 someone shouted in Arabic: “Hey! Hey! Give me! Give me! Give me! Give me! “

WITH 10:03:0210:03:09 “Allah Akbar!”

This is the last recorded flight recorder.

It was not clear that the commission was kept on boarding the aircraft. terrorist.

The exact time of the fall varies from 10:03 before 10:10, Inverted position of the plane crashed into the ground. All 44 people on board were killed. There was a gap between the three meters and was formed.

September 11 attacks is irreparable

At least 200 of the towers jumped down. It was not necessary.

A total of 2977 people were killed here: 246 passengers and crew members, 2,606 people in total, 125 in the Pentagon building. Citizens of the USA and 91 more states, including 96 citizens and immigrants were lost. 24 people remain on the list of missing.

The western world was shocked. At the same time, the number of Arab countries.

Regarding the events of September 11th. Up to the point that the attacks were rigged up, and not guided missiles. It was precisely in the most vulnerable places. That the planes, in fact, were used to control the eyes.

It is possible that from a certain single center. The only question is who he controls. God bless you.


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