“Sergeant Hartman” – Ronald Lee Ermey (1944-2018)

On April 15, Ronald Lee Ermey died from a complication of pneumonia. It was an unusual and interesting man. This is a comrade text from the movie “Full Metal Jacket”, produced in 1988, telling it.

He is a military instructor who, despite the fact that he has

However, the “sergeant” was a really interesting life.

He worked up with five brothers, worked as a tempered character. And then the family moves from the city of Tappenish, Washington. The blockheads, who were not specially trained, were not trained. So, at 17, his local sheriff put Ermey before the fact. There’s not much, but you can’t say, you’re

Where he served for some time and relatively successfully. It will be a guide in camps for recruits. However, Vietnam has been able to send there. So, in 1968, 14 months of his 17th aviation support group. And then – in 1972 – commissioning for several injuries.

11 years of service is 11 years of service. For the army, it was not a problem. And not bad, I must say, he showed himself there. It has been noted that he has not been able to play in episodic roles.

And then there was the “Full Metal Jacket”, and, relatively speaking, fame. Moreover, in 2002, Ermey, who had been retired for 30 years, was promoted to the rank. An unprecedented case, I must say. Honestly, this is much cooler than the Golden Globe for the supporting role. He has been a technical consultant, but has been invited to play.

As for the medals, Ronald Lee Ermey had 9 of them:

  • Participation in the fighting. For sailors and marines.
  • Medal of gratitude for meritorious behavior during military service.
  • Medal “For impeccable service.” Twice
  • Medal “For the service of national defense.” For participation in any hostilities.
  • Expeditionary Armed Forces Medal. There were no specialized awards.
  • Marine sergeant instructor medal.
  • Medal “For service in Vietnam.” Once.
  • Medal for the workshop of rifle shooting (confirmed qualification – the highest rank).
  • Medal for sniper pistol shooting (confirmed qualification – second rank).

Lee Ermey was married and had 4 children. It was not a woman. But this situation suited him.

And in 2016, a gallant sergeant was literally put on the Hollywood Black List. It is clear that there has been a clear condemnation of the law. It was a breathtaking day.

Well, then it is a disease,

The film will hardly be seen in the film. Although frankly, there are hundreds of modern “crafts.” However, our idols will disappear.

Rest in peace, Sergeant Hartman. And thank you for your lessons …

“Sergeant Hartman” &# 8212; Ronald Lee Ermey (1944-2018)

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