Serreytor: pros and cons. How to sharpen a serrated knife

No match serreytor or, at worst, semi-secondary. It should be noted. It will be a clear definition. Much more often a monster a la “Rambo knife”. Nevertheless, having omitted the lyrical digression, let us return to serreitor sharpening fans of universal knives.

Serreytor – It is a wave-like or a saw-like form. In this case, there is no so-called “wiring”. Most often, it is one-sided. Therefore, the similarity serreitor sharpening and the saw is purely visual. It’s possible to clearly define sharpening. This is a special case for each knife.

The following points can be distinguished from the positive aspects of a serritor:

  1. The total length of the cut is not greater than that of the sharpening. This happens due to the curved line.
  2. It can be much easier to make it. It is often necessary to cut ropes, slings, etc. At this point, we have been assigned to it. Most manufacturers should be located on the palm side. Downhill slopes are made for left-handers.
  3. The knife blade retains good cutting properties longer, even a bit of blunted edge. This was especially true when used in the manufacture of knives.

But the serrer has its drawbacks:

  1. Completely dull the blade to the original state. Certain skills and several files will be required.
  2. Serreitor sharpening is not universal. It is simply not applicable. This is made of sharpening, will always be uneven.
  3. Serreitor blade requires much more thorough care. It is not clear.
  4. Lefties will have difficulty using a standard knife with serreytor, since the blade. Although, as mentioned above, some companies produce knives specifically for people working with his left hand.

An example of sharpening a serrator:

Knife possessing serreitor sharpening, It is a good auxiliary tool both in the kitchen and outside. However, he doesn’t claim to be universal.

Finally, you can remind one old but wise phrase:

It is your best survival knife.


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