Set for extreme forest survival – types of sets

Once in an extreme situation, especially in the wild, you should always rely on yourself, your strength and endurance, as well as the help of an emergency survival kit. There is another name for it – wearable emergency reserve, or NAZ. This set consists of items that will help to make a fire, get food, improve health, and just hold out for several days before the arrival of reinforcements. Survival kits come in different configurations. There are special, military, rescue or marine naz, there are hiking, travel kits. In any store that sells equipment for hunting, fishing and tourism, you can purchase a standard survival kit. It can be done with your own hands, taking into account individual wishes for the kit, as well as the duration and conditions of the trip. The main thing is to always take NAZ with you to the nature, even if the duration of the hike is three days. It should always be at hand, and even better if there are several of them – one can be put in the car, one in a backpack, several spread out in the pockets of clothes, and the smallest one can be hung around the neck or put in shoes (for this purpose NAZ is placed in a small capsule) .

  • Military Survival Kit
  • 2 Forest Survival Kit
  • 3How to make a survival kit
  • 4 Emergency Survival Kit

Military Survival Kit

Military Survival KitA set of necessary items for tourists and “survivors” should be light, so as not to get tired of carrying with you, waterproof, so as not to deteriorate in the rain or when crossing the reservoir, as well as durable for any mechanical effects. The forest survival kit should include:

  1. Means for starting a fire: dry fuel, matches, kerosene, lighter, flint. It is better to put a few lighters, flint, hunting matches. A magnifying glass will help to get a matchless fire using a directional beam of sunlight.
  2. Knife. Without this tool can not do in the forest. In the absence of an ax or saw, they can cut branches for a fire, plank bark, open canned food, get food. It must be durable, hardened steel.
  3. A small bar to sharpen a knife.
  4. Instant glue. Not every brand is able to withstand moisture, but it takes up very little space and sometimes saves the situation.
  5. Multitul – the necessary thing for the “survivalist” in the forest. It does not replace a full-fledged knife, but contains a lot of necessary tools that will be useful for extracting water and food, building a hut, starting a fire, repairing clothes and shoes. These are various mini-screwdrivers, files, scissors, hooks, corkscrew, and more.
  6. Means for giving a distress signal: a small rocket launcher, two rubber balls of bright orange color, a mirror (it will be needed to give light signals).
  7. Flashlight with a set of batteries, a candle. It is better to use a LED flashlight in a metal case.
  8. Minimum dishes: pot, bowl. The aluminum pot is light and heats up quickly. It is better to have two dishes – one for food, one for water.
  9. The minimum set of medicines: bandage, gauze, iodine, plaster, painkiller, antipyretic, tourniquet, hydrogen peroxide, remedy for pain in the heart, stomach, heartburn and nausea. In addition, you may always need scissors, furatsilin, ethyl alcohol and a remedy for burns. We must not forget about antibacterial agents, because you can always get hurt and get infected with blood. If there is an allergy to anything, you need to add antihistamines, as well as individual medicines for existing diseases.
  10. A simple, black lead pencil with a set of bright stickers.
  11. Potassium permanganate for water filtration or carbon filter.

When planning a trip to places where poisonous snakes or insects are found, it is necessary to equip the first-aid kit with an antidote. It will be superfluous if, where you are heading for, the serpent is not found. The main rule of the survival kit is the maximum of practicality with minimum dimensions.

For survival in the woods in winter, the emergency reserve is slightly different in its configuration. Lighters, as a rule, are useless in the winter. They are replaced by chairs with a flint, it is desirable that there are a couple of pieces in their set. Be sure to take with you a spare set of warm clothes, including a hat and shoes. The kit should include a dense polyethylene film measuring two by three meters, and preferably even larger. In the extreme case, it will help to build a hut, to protect from wind or snow. It is better to replace the rope, which can be torn from the cold, with a wire, with the help of which it is possible to fix the made housing. A small sharp shovel or an ax is indispensable things in the winter forest.

How to make a survival kit

There are several rules for self-assembly survival kit: first, if a thing can perform only one function, you can safely leave it at home. Excess weight is absolutely not needed neither the tourist nor the “survivalist.” The same applies to things that are a pity to lose, spoil, etc. When assembling your own survival kit, you should remember that first of all you need things that come in handy:

  • For the construction of the house and its heating;
  • Extraction of food and water;
  • Hygiene;
  • First aid.

To create a set of survival with their own hands, the first thing you need to take care of a suitable container. It should be small, easy to carry, waterproof and durable. You can use a tin box of tea or coffee, or a cover from under the camera. The second option is more convenient because it has a fastener, a carrying strap, and belt fastening, and its material protects the contents from water ingress.

Before you make a set, all loose and able to deform when wet, the contents of the container must be decomposed into small bags with a plastic clasp. Next are completed:

  • The following medicines are put into one of the bags: streptocid, activated carbon, individual preparations, Zvezdochka balsam, other medicines listed above.
  • Small compass (you can not pack).
  • Cotton wool, bandage.
  • A set of fishing: a few hooks, a skein of fishing line, wire, sinker.
  • Needle set with thread, pins. They can be put inside the body of a ballpoint pen and plugged.
  • Alcohol, hydrogen peroxide
  • Small mirror magnifier.
  • Knife-multitool, stationery.
  • Lace
  • Hacksaw. The blade can be separated from the handle by inserting it inside. When unfolding the hacksaw is inserted into the handle and fixed with a bolt.
  • Batteries
  • Soap
  • Means for kindling: flint, tinder, several lighters, paraffin candle.

Emergency survival kit

Emergency survival kitThe rescue capsule is a mini-kit for survival in extreme conditions. It is placed in a special sealed container, which can be worn around the neck or other accessible place. Such a capsule will help save a person if he broke away from the group. With it, you can hold out for several days until you find a way out of an extreme situation or until help arrives. Just in case, it is better to have several microcapsules located in different places, this will ensure survival in almost any circumstances. Rescue capsule is usually made the size of a medical syringe or a little more than that, its composition contains:

  • Medications: sumamed, ketarol, nitroglycerin, akvatabs.
  • Sewing needle wrapped with thread.
  • Blade from a small knife or scalpel.
  • Pair of hunting matches
  • Fishing set: 9 pcs. sinkers, hooks, mormyshki.
  • A tube or bag of chili pepper, with potassium permanganate, salt.
  • Two banknotes of 500 rubles.
  • Several gum for banknotes.

Outside, the rescue capsule is wrapped with several meters of a surgical thread, tape or adhesive tape. A five meter long fishing line is wound above.

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