Set of equipment “Warrior”

Modernization of the army is a significant matter, large-scale and, most importantly, infinite. As they say no. Upgraded weapons, military equipment, training systems. Over time, innovations are introduced. It is an individual equipment. One of the most famous samples of such equipment today – Russian “Warrior”. It is also called the “Future Soldier Kit”. However, absolutely fair.

“Warrior” – in the fields of science are collected.

Navigation, optics, medicine, computer systems, tops in the field. “Warrior” is a complex of modern defense systems, weapons, ammunition and communications. The Russian national defense industry has been carried out in the field of civil defense. The general designer of the kit is Vladimir Nikolaevich Lepin.

It is worth considering “Warrior”:

  • Aramid overalls from fiber “Alutex”. The jumpsuit with state shrapnel from grenade explosions, shells and mines. Besides the overalls are fire resistant.
  • The main defense takes over body armor 6B43, protection class Br5. It can be up to 9 kilograms. Body armor in the marine version. The extended set includes inguinal protection, side bulletproof plates, anti-shrapnel shoulder pads. In the case of a pistol bullet from a distance of 5-10 meters.
  • Additional protection provide shine guards on knee and elbow joints that protect against bruises. Soldier’s eyes are small (up to 6 mm) fragments flying at speeds of up to 350 m / s.
  • For communication and coordination system is used “Sagittarius”. The system is equipped with communication, processing and displaying information. “Sagittarius” is where you are. This is where the fighter received. The complex includes:
  • Weapon set. The main weapon (automatic, machine gun or sniper rifle), equipped with thermal imaging and night vision. It also includes the armament; various thermal sights for different types of weapons from the TsNII TsNII; sight collimator “Merry” and other appliances. Weapons can be attributed and a knife Nb-2 “Bumblebee” 6×9 (or bayonet knife SHN-2 6Х9-1) .
  • Rechargeable battery all electronic devices in the complex. It can be used for any current source, constant or alternating. The battery life cycle is 12-14 hours.
  • Life supporting system. It includes various backpacks, one bag of 50 liters, one bag of 10 liters, one bag of weight, one can be replaced with more suitable ones), masking kits, a vented t-shirt , mat, liner, mosquito net. There is a possibility of folding out the gasket.
  • Facilities life support on a halt: sleeping bag, raincoat, tent, filters for water purification and autonomous sources of heat.
  • Squad commanders will get personal tablet computers, designed to solve tactical tasks, coordinating personnel.
  • From 2017 it is planned to enter the kit sensor “Own-Alien”. It will allow you to determine the location of opponents and allies, regardless of their weapons, camouflage and other equipment.
  • It is also planned to equip the kit with exoskeleton.

Assignment of body armor 6B43. The weight of the helmet is 1,056 kg.

Protective gear covers 90% of a soldier’s body. The design of equipment assumes its continuous carrying within 48 hours.

On average, the life of the “Warrior” kit is 5 years. It is transferred from one fighter to another. This is a summer uniform designed for two. All other equipment items imply a longer service life.

They include the Kalashnikov assassin rifles, the sniper complex.

The “Warrior” complex has been created

Ready kits

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