Seven best ways to make a random shot

You m&$ @ k? And do you have a weapon? Then this article is for you! This brief guide includes seven ways for making a “random shot,” shoot someone, including yourself.

1. Hit the weapon in the toilet

They are on their belts. And when they take off their pants, there can be an interaction between a man and a weapon. It is out of the pants; Every time you make a random shot.

If you’re having a lot of trouble, you’ll have to leave a barrel.

2. poking around in a holster

One of the common ways. It is usually due the slightest. Holster promises nothing good. If something is wrong, it’s better than the bandage.

3. Shoot in the dark

It is not secure. It is critical to determine whether it is a flashlight or a lamp.

4. Show off your weapon or body kit by pointing it at someone.

Surprisingly frequent phenomenon – after the inspection or display of weapons should be shot. Sometimes meeting unwary children, sometimes stupid adults. Do not want to die.

5. Wrong to clean the weapon

Usually, cleaning is preceded by removing all ammunition from weapons, where they can be. It depends on the situation.

6. Trying to pick up a falling weapon

When it comes to fuck it a funk. If you are not sure you need to contact the manufacturer.

7. Do not use a weapon.

If there is no instruction, go to gun shop and ask. If you are sincere. See if you’re looking for another.

So, now you know how to do this. Thanks for reading, what’s the meaning of the article.

Seven best ways to make a random shot

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