Seven rules of carrying weapons

Have you ever seen a sign on the couch “Do not sit down!” In a furniture store?

I’m stupor than this formidable ban. But how?! What, Karl? How can I buy a sofa, never sat on it? It is a hypothetical concept.


When I conduct workshops on self-defense, I always start with the question. Ninety percent of those present (well, I have such a circle). Spray cans, flashlights, tactics pens, kubotans, injuries, knives, slappers … I always swing it waving. “

The question is: “Which of you used weapons for training purposes? Beat on foot kubotanom? Spray spray in the forest? Shot from trauma on targets? – I don’t say “according to the people”, but he isn’t

There are already fewer answers. It is a fact that it’s really possible to use it.

They bought a sofa with a sign “do not sit down.”

But it is not a weapon. This is an amulet. Charm Bought, wear, will save me. But no. No weapon works by itself. Get rid of magical thinking, twenty-first century in the yard.

I tried to articulate basic rules of carrying weapons, and there were exactly seven of them.

It is not necessary to go into a weapon.

Weapon Rule # 1: Carry a Gun

It has been shown to be there. For you, for the knife, you can find two for the hand-to-hand. This is the film for idiots.

Even monkeys use tools. Be smarter than a monkey. Do not listen to idiots about the “noble art of fighting in the fists.” Soothe a gas spray and a gas spray. It is more convenient to have a flashlight than a cigarette lighter. Beat people with brass knuckles … sorry, key ring! – More effective than a fist.

“It is a kind of word.”

The rule of carrying weapons # 2: Have a lethal and non-lethal weapon with you.

If you have a conflict, it’s not a problem. Gas spray or kubotan.

But if you’re running out of place, then you’ll have to do it.

It is up to you to go. “

Unfortunately, there are no universal weapons for all occasions. It is a good idea to cut a knife. It is a bad bird.

Weapon Rule # 3: Carry Legally

As far as possible in our country. Where and you not.

It is not a problem. Plastic rings, cats – not. If you’re not so concerned, you can call on Anyway, you can’t get it.

And for your sake, it’s still a crap, it’s still a crap.

The same goes for sharpening screwdrivers and other handmakes. Illegally – this is two. Ideally replaces banned brass knuckles.

Carrying Rule # 4: Apply Legally

When I hear the phrase “because it doesn’t throw out the liner,” it’s not.

Will be. Will find. And they will plant.

Therefore, if you carry a weapon (including a lethal one – remember, there are different cases), find yourself a lawyer in advance. A good lawyer, you need it.

It is your opinion that you’re not getting in the first place. Oh well.

Learn the legal limits of required defense. Distinguish between domestic rudeness and real self-defense. It is not a reason for the gas cylinder. Moron driving? Give a fool a way. It can be very serious.

Know your rights. Use weapons on the case. The level of threat of violence. Do not play killers.

Weapon Rule # 5: Practice with your weapon

No weapon works by itself. The main element is the fighter. It is a decisive factor in the use of weapons.

Simply put, if you crap. Readiness is achieved by training. And nothing else.

One of the girls I naturally asked, “Can you apply?” “Of course I can,” she answered confidently. – it was pricked. “And all questions immediately disappeared.

The motor memory work. This is achieved only by repeated repetitions. Magic pills “I know kung fu” – does not happen.

And further. Train not only to use the weapon.

There are three separate skills.

The first skill is speed

The fact that athletes love. Timer, “that can not be measured – it can not be improved,” etc. This is an important, necessary and useful skill. If something goes wrong, something goes wrong.

Do not do this. Do not play the fastest barrel in the Wild West. It is a fastest way to get it in advance. When exactly? And when it wanted. Do not need – remove it back.

Hence the second skill – covert extraction.

So that you can understand something. As Suarez wrote, “pulling a pistol should be a natural movement, like scratching your ass.” Smooth, calm, without jerks.

And the third skill is a stressful extraction.

If you’ve misunderstood, you can’t get a ring.

Can you get your weapon when you are beaten or strangled? Your body to your body? And if you already fell, and you kicked?

If not – probably worth reconsidering the way of wearing. And practice this skill in training. Because most often these questions are answered: – I do not know, have not tried.

Do not try – do not know.

The rule of carrying weapons # 6: Practice to defend yourself without weapons

Yeah. Without the elements of the handwriting – nowhere. Because life is a funny thing. Weapons are broken, lost, wedged, stuck, etc. Doctrine comes with a shotgun for you, then you can use it.

Learn to think outside the categories. In reality, there is no hand-to-hand, knife, stick, fire combat. In any fight a knife may appear. Any shooter can hit a head over a chair.

It’s a good idea to get a lot of people.

Well, should not be forgotten. Because it’s a stressful situation. And if your body is flimsy, your heart is naughty, there is a chance for a glimpse of your own.

The rule of carrying weapons # 7: Carry weapons with you always

For some bread. “You will need it. Life is benthic. Law Murphy has not been canceled.

Yes, it is paranoia. For paranoia doctrine.

If you leave the house, you emphasize every time! – everytime! – very simple concept:

“I live in a dangerous world.
Bad things happen.
Something bad can happen to me.
Something bad can happen to me today.
But I will be ready. “

And this concept is much more important than the number of joules and lumens. Because pistols, knives, flashlights and cans are just a tool.

The real weapon is yourself.

Seven rules of carrying weapons

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