Shambok: how to manage cattle and people

do you like run over the demonstrations I don’t mean that I don’t need it regularly. I am always keenly interested in restoring order.

In general, the mankind is invented by the fucking cloud.

It is clear that we know the rubber truncheons. From the cynical name “democratizer” to a weighty “argument” (the NGO “Special Materials” actually had a PR with that name). It will not speak gas, or “j-flop”, or “Avalanche”. This is not my profile.

Classic ball, or & quot; shem & quot;Classic ball, or “sham”

The lawyer’s lawyer’s law enforcement officers Although it’s no doubt that the horse has been interesting, it would be interesting. However, you need to learn and prepare it.

So, if you’re not satisfied with the situation, it’s clear that you’re not happy. There is a lot to be seen about the world.


For example, South Africa (yes, you’re a tender for these edges) – well, there’s shambok, or shembok, “sham” (Sjambok).

A bit of history …

Why symbolic? Well, because first of all it is cattle whip. Symbolism everyone understood. So, cattle whip It can be a bit more serious than that. Report to anyone who has attempted equipment. And given the length of the whip, shambok Perfectly proved snakes.

Well, since there has been a challenge, it has been consistently approved. shambok Forms of the penitentiary system.

By the way, “shambok“In Malay and means” whip. “In Zimbabwe. Since then, the word”shambok“It was most likely that it was the locals who had their own name.”

… and a bit of modernity

To bring final clarity – despite the name, shambok – this is not so much a whip as a stack. That is, it is a long and fairly rigid structure. It’s the closest association. Only much thicker and significantly longer.

Why all this fun introduction?

And besides that, I got Sjambok 42? From Cold Steel, Thank you Lessa Lynx. Wonderful gift. What is particularly interesting is the design from Cold steel repeats the design of modern police shambokov. With only one distinction characteristic of the manufacturer. In addition to the main, historically justified long drum part, they also made a rounded percussion handle. Pampering, of course, but pleasant. If you want it to be the “stack” part, then you can break it.

In short, in the version from Cold steel It is a shambok (on the one hand) and a baseball bat (on the other).

It can be seen from the TTX:

  • Material: Heavy-grade polypropylene
  • Handle Material: Kraton®
  • Weight: 386 gr.
  • Diameter: 3 cm.
  • Length: 106.7 cm.

What do we have at the exit?

Sjambok 42Sjambok 42? From Cold Steel

Almost 400 centimeters at the handle to 12 millimeters at the end. The “Kraton” is a brand of cold-stilov material. More than a meter.

Moreover, it should be noted that I now have not the longest option. The manufacturer produces its shamboks in two versions – 42 and 54 inches.

What is the advantages of shambok relative to the same democratizers, or, for example, nagak and whips?

Let’s start with an effective distance, remember, yes – 106 centimeters? It is clear that you’re located.

You say that you can give a greater distance? I will not argue, they can. But shambok far as less demanding to prepare the owner. It is tightly in his hand. At that same time there will be no hook. And who has tried to make it possible to work with them. And then shambok Club stick or stick.

In addition, the shock distance is much greater for a shambok. About half the length, that is, about half a meter.

To make it clear that such a thing can do, here's a photo of the door, which was slammed with a ball, but not with all our might.It is clear that it can be used to make it clear.

But, alas, the main drawback shamboka lies in its same dimension. Carrying a meter for self-defense is not very convenient. It will not be justified.

So it will be appropriate and effective.

  • The first is police application. All the same shambok allows you to reach an opponent who is taller than you, both in height and “geographically”. And this can be done from a greater distance. Plus, it causes much more painful injuries, and more effective batons when working through clothes. It doesn’t apply.
  • And the second application is country self-defense. Here the range is very wide – from stray dogs to stray people.

Well, in general, Well, if you’ve been badly at home, it’s good for you.

P.S. On the topic of work chambock I will shoot my video (“train” to SOCP Dagger).


Shambok: how to manage cattle and people

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