Sharpening knives

It’s easy to understand. Well, it’s a bit more fun, and it’s a safer to work. If you’re a blade, however, it’s a good amount of patience. Knives are used for this today.


How fast will it be folded with your knife?

Well, let’s take it in order – first about the knife itself. Whatever it is, it’s still a sharpened a knife. How to check the sharpness of the blade? Can you easily cut your foliage with your knife? Or shave a hair from the forearm? Not? So, not so sharp.

It is known as steel. For the knife should be within 45 to 60 HRC, mild steel will be wrinkled easily. The angle of sharpening. It can be swept along. It is impossible to determine it “by eye”. It is a good faith.

Grinding tool

Choosing a good grinding tool. Sharpeners, grinding and straining, sharpeners and other sharpening tools. If you’re not sure, you can’t give it a minute or less.

  • Grinding bars.
    Grinding bars with different grit
  • Musatas
  • Machines with abrasive and felt wheels, grinding belts.
    Sharpening a knife with an abrasive wheel
  • Mechanical sharpeners.
    Mechanical knife
  • Electric sharpeners.
    Electric knife

It can be obtained without any help. grinding bars or electric sharpeners.

How to sharpen a knife

The burr on the edge

Grinding bar at least half an hour – geometric shape can be and all 30 hours. So you should prepare yourself for this in advance.

And finally, how to sharpen knives. It is a strip of metal cutting. After that, if there is one.

Grinding wheel on the ground surface. The longer the bar, the better. It is possible to follow the pattern (see the figure).

The cutting edge should be perpendicular to the direction of travel.

It is important to ensure that it is uniformly sharpening along the length of the blade. The bar should be 20-25 °, There is a tendency for the junction to be taken. This angle doesn’t need to be changed.

Do you need to scratch the side surface. The movement has been repeated. Make it impossible to make it.

Knife sharpening movements

It will make it possible to sharpen it.

Grinding knife

It will not be necessary for the grinding machine. This pattern gives you sharpening durability. The grinding bar is selected.


In practice, sharpening a knife is not an easy task. Professional sharpening knives. Theoretical knowledge of how to sharpen a knife is not enough; real skill comes only with practice. In this case, it will be your choice. This is a long time ago. Of course, there are ways to be used for the electrical apparatus. It will make it possible to use it for a few years!

Sharpening knives

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