Shelter in survival and BP. Part 2: Location, construction, important sites

In the previous part, we looked at why awning shelters more effective in situations of survival than tents, There are various reasons for tents, and in some cases, and quite low audibility. Plus, the accumulation of condensate, which does not bode well, especially in winter.

You must have awning or tent? Then how much can you carry? backpack? Add to this the weapons, the unloading, the water, the food.

How much is more than 30 kg over a fairly long distance? It is not necessary to exercise.

It is a fact that there is no end to the level of physical training.It is a fact that there is no end to the level of physical training.

Be honest, always be honest backpack, required in the minimum required quantity. Weigh your backpack Other types of aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise. You will enjoy doing it. A lot of people can give good advice on this. As you might guess, your physical fitness.

Before we continue, it is important to note tents: do you want to move on? However, for a long time in one place. This may be supplemented by the need to hide, both independently and in a group.

Location and construction of shelter

At this stage, it’s possible to choose the place of shelter. It is actually quite simple. Ideally, it’s about 30-50 meters away from the wind. , as far as possible. If you’re not in the least, you’ll make sure that you’ve gotten a little rest.

Not so difficult, except in situations where the terrain does not agree to cooperate, right?

Look at this map on the map?Look at this map on the map?

You can be somewhat compensated for the dismal prospect of wasting time and finding a campsite If you’re arriving there, you’ll find out about the future route. It’s clear that you can’t see the map. the parking lot. If you are not familiar with orienteering – this is a reason to delve into the question. When it rains.

When you decide set a shelter, make sure that you’re turned away from the wind. The closed side of the canopy is located to the prevailing wind direction. It’s not where the storm starts from the direction. Turning away awning From the wind, it can help you to avoid any undesirable rain and snow.

Remember, wet clothes steal heat from your body. It also does not get your feet. If it is winter, spring, summer, or autumn. The same principles apply.

The only difference is winter period. If it is a snow cover it is significant, it can be a lot of sleep. If you want a minimal living space. But, except for the case.

Here are a couple of cadets shelters. First shelter It was originally installed at night, after dark. If you’re not on the second night, you can’t make it anymore.

Shelter installed in the dark, the next day, finalized. It protects you from the wind.Shelter installed in the dark, the next day, finalized. It protects you from the wind.

Second shelter – This is an attempt to equip Made from cheap awning using the support for the ridge, and installed more like a tent.

Shelter set in the rain. Notice the & quot; visor & quot; and lowered angle to drain waterShelter set in the rain. Pay attention to the “visor” and lowered angle to drain water

The nodes that are most suitable for installing shelter

This is a little help for the paracord cord. Gum 100-110 cm in length fit just.

Three main nodes: “burlatskaya loop“,”prusik“And”eight“.

“Burlak loop”

The procedure for tying a knot & quot; burlatskaya loop & quot; for fixing tarpaulinThe procedure for tying the knot “burlatskaya loop” for fixing the awning guys

It can be easily corrected, and it can be correctly corrected. You can use the “burlack loop” since you have several applications.


& quot; Prusik & quot; copes with adjusting guysIt will take you a lot of time to set and untie

Quick draws, but it is longer to tie and untie. It makes it possible to loosen and move in any direction. It can be used for lifts.


Node & quot; eight & quot; universal and can be used for fixation in most casesThe “eight” node is used for fixation in most cases.

It can be used as a way of organizing a grip on the cord. Its use is limited only by your imagination.

In general, it is convenient to reduce the amount of time. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you use their areas of application and features. It is a list of the literature on the shelves.

Be careful not to forget about the orientation, survivor!

Original article: Shelter: Why Tents Suck – Pt II – Siting & Effective Knots

As an addition – video:

Bivouac equipment

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