Shelter in survival and BP: Why is an awning better than a tent?

As the title says, the authors are not inclined to use tents in situations survival, when weather conditions require accommodation in shelter.

Look at the photo: what do you think tent dwellers saw guest heard approaching the camp? This is the “usual” departure from the. a tent… and threw all their belongings in the same place.

Why is a tent not an option?

We don’t recommend tents, including individual “bivi” – bivouaczaki, based on logistic considerations: shelter carried on your back. Any shelter, It has been established that it has a fixed baseline and / or components (for example, it can be used).

Do not agree? Test your low profile tactical tent It is a time when you can breathe. Donkey is it your sleeping bag.

This article is not about reducing visibility. your shelter in the infrared spectrum. Another issue is the other tools. There are many other sites available for you. awning for $ 200 with a heat-reflecting lining (at a stone garden), most likely, according to your specific needs. This article is not for you.

This article is also not about shelter you can be hunted. It is another question for you to use.

Scope of discussion today – simply weatherproof shelter for (not necessarily in the given order) rest, drying, food, hygiene, etc. Consider awning as shelters.

Awning shelter

The focus is on the following:

  • tasks tent cover
  • harmonious size and weight
  • shelter location
  • used nodes
  • installation of an awning
  • reference to the question.

Tasks Awning Shelter

To put it simply shelter sun / wind and rain / snow. Conditions for your physical condition. You can relax if you have tent cover, large enough to protect you from environmental conditions.

Here is what you need:

  • awning,
  • your camp knife or tomahawk (make racks),
  • elastic cords, they are cargo elastic bands (if you want to equip the first class),
  • cord (550 paracord),
  • knowledge of the main nodes (Pushkarsky, Eight and Prusik is quite enough),
  • understanding the action of the wind.

Harmonious size and weight of the awning

Immediately to the conclusion: the best choice – awning weighing no more than 1.3-1.4 kg, the size is approximately 2.1 x 2.5 m and is completely waterproof. For your own defense, and your backpack. If a waterproof backpack, it can be left outside if necessary. If it gets wet.

if you have poncho, It’s your poncho, you can use it. shelter facilities. The above photo shows shelter from standard army poncho one of the cadets. Pay attention to the obligatory “gander” to protect against flowing water. Backpack, hatchet and carbine

As for size, there are quite a few new products, such as Aqua quest defender, 2 m wide and 2.9 m long, with many innovative features, including 20 loops around the ridge. But they are worth the money spent on them. Mentioned awning time-tested “Woodland” drawing.

If you are a distant one shelters 3 x 3 meters, such as Snugpak All Weather Shelter, weighing about 1.8 kg. I have this, and use it all the time. In fact, every time I go for a training run, it serves as my home. Believe me, it is very nice and spacious as a mansion if you are alone. It is clear that there is a chance that it will make it. Variations are numerous.

If you like the colors of the MARPAT, and you do some searching, you can almost get new ones. field tents MARPAT camouflage on the other. Such awning does not have a hood, and durable. It is only slightly lighter than 3 kg, but some are crazy about it. I had one, and I used it without any complaints, except for the extra weight. Awning Marine Corps is also installed in many configurations.

Prefer feature individual tents, There is no need for any equipment. awnings in more large shelter, when it is appropriate. Suitable for arranging a shelters.

The cable is used to install the shelter.

Original article – Shelter: Why tents suck

Bivouac equipment

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