Shooting and fighting a car

Most of the time. It is not clear that there is a situation in the field of movement. Is it so?

Saw for sure the videos on YouTube, what are the most aggressive and minded comrades? Orchestrate to arrange ambushes on convoys in the areas of hostilities.

Conducting a fight against a car, in an open area. Here, as in sniper art, you need to take.

There are both advantages and disadvantages in a battle. This is the greatest shelter.

It is the windshield that looks the shooter. When shooting through glass, it is more than the target, most likely. The variation and error will vary. If you are shooting through the windshield, try to fire through it. Or just knock the glass out, if the situation allows.

Key moments of shooting a car:

  1. The girl was shunned by her body.
  2. Watch out for the seat belt. Get out of the car.
  3. Where are your spare stores located? Is it a bulletproof vest or in a car? If not in the pouch on the body, then it is necessary.
  4. They are easily shot through (through many doors), but they also have to change the trajectory of the bullet.
  5. Avoid ricochets!


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