Shooting at a church in Texas: 26 dead, more than 20 injured

It’s not until recently. But this time – in Texas. At the same time, it’s not a problem. However, no.

So. Sunday morning – 10.30 local time. Sutherland Springs. Someone David Kelly opens up on the parishioners in the Baptist church. I was not going outside. From an automatic rifle. Approximately 20 people were shot on the spot, and more wounded. Witnesses claim that there was a fire return nevertheless (at least 1 person started shooting back). The offender leaves a car Understand the situation.

But then the ambiguities begin. David Kelly is dead. It was not a death. The motives of the offender are also completely incomprehensible. So I had to start digging into his biography. And that’s what turned out.

David Kelly served in USAF from 2010 to 2014. At the lowest position – attendants or something like that. Moreover, he was dismissed by his wife and son. An armed attack, I must say. And not just fired, but he also spent a year in prison. Most likely, the victims of the short period of time. He received a Baptist priest. And almost a year honestly worked in this position, “atone for sins.” He wondered when he bought an automatic rifle in 2016, he said. This citizen lived in a town called New Braunfels, only about 50 km from the site of the tragedy. He had not been served, though he had a shot. (this information has not yet been clarified).

Tellingly, US President Donald Trump doesn’t believe that this was the case. At his press conference arrow-psychopath. On the one hand, yes, that is pure truth. No problems. In this case, there are still significant causes for such deaths. Although it is not possible to complete the process.

We’ll see. But the general trend for all owners of firearms rather: sad. Have too many psychopathic shooters, There are absolutely legal trunks in their hands. And there will be a “click” in their brains.


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