Shooting at Maryland School: The attacker died from his wounds

It seems that the American schoolchildren have been unanimously broken and have been legally. In short, frighteningly often in schools. There is no way for you to follow the Columnine. So.

Shooting at Maryland School

20th of March. State of Maryland, St. Mary’s District, USA. An Austin Rollins 17, a student of the school, comes in, comes up with a fire on students. It was not a start!

Surprise, little bastard! AT maryland schools since 2016, we have employees. For Blair Gaskil, he received 6 years of service. Before the shooting of the shooter (there are even witnesses to this), but without success. He received several bullets, he was rescued for a few reasons. The ambulance arrived.

As it turned out recently, both girls are still in critical condition. But the shooter from the school of Maryland died without regaining consciousness.

Both sherif, the state governor, and the public praised Gaskil’s professionalism during the school shooting. It adds that it’s a good idea to advocate for each school. With special training, preparing them for them.

Do you still have questions about the Donald Trump arming school staff? After all shots of 17 people died.

It’s not a bad idea. And this, seriously, is much more efficient than the notorious “gan control”. In the “Hans-free” zones. Otherwise, it will be a schooling day or another politician.

And it is very good that during shooting school maryland it was a lawn. Respect to you, Blaine Gaskil, you did everything right!

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