Shooting behavior in your home and on the street in the war zone, prevention and security measures.

When the shooting starts, immediately go to bed during the shootout. No, I put it wrong fall! The apartment is on the floor, under the window. On the street wherever necessary, it is advisable to kick towards the shots in order to reduce the area of ​​damage. Just don’t try to choose a place cleaner. Flop where you stand. Though even in a puddle. 

Shooting behavior in your home and on the street in a war zone, prevention and security measures.

As the military says, it’s better to get dirty with dirt than with your blood. And only then, looking around, crawl to a more reliable place. It’s best to go to the underpass, through a low located window into the basement or, breaking the window, into the ground floor apartment. If they are not in the ditch, behind the pillar, concrete curb, trash can, urn, etc..

. For a civilian person, more harm than good is from him. Because anyone has the right to shoot a person with a weapon without warning. At least those, at least these. In an unexpected meeting with armed people, you should … Yes, do not smile and do not shove their hands for a handshake. And instantly throw these hands up. This is a universal gesture of goodwill, literally meaning do not shoot at me, I have no weapons, I am safe. And only then climb over for documents.

Shootout actions in your home.

While in the apartment, try not to get close to the windows. The windows during the battle constitute the greatest threat. Strictly speaking, there are no safe places in the room that came under fire. Hiding behind a window sill or wall from direct hits, you can die from bullets ricocheting from the ceiling and walls. Therefore, immediately after the start of shooting, immediately turn off the light so that you are not visible. Just not getting up to its full height, but from the floor, reaching for the switch with some stick (a mop, a lazy dog, a vacuum cleaner pipe). And it’s easier to break a light bulb by throwing a heavy object into it..

With a single shot, you can press against the wall outside the window and from the side, with the same makeshift stick, draw the curtains so that the shooter cannot notice your movements around the room. And then turn off the lights. In any case, even if one shot was fired, it was necessary, using a pause in the shooting, to crawl into a room that did not fall under the shelling, but rather had no windows. In intensive and especially vertical shooting, it is better to crawl into the bathroom and lie down in the bath, which, due to its thickness, can protect you from bullets and fragments.

And do not try to lean out on the street in order to clarify the situation. While waiting for the battle, you can hang a noticeable poster from the windows in the building. Civilians in this building! Do not shoot! Or a white flag. If fighters break into your apartment and start moving, breaking and knocking furniture on the floor, do not try to interfere with them. This is your apartment for you. And for them, just a convenient firing point. And if they made such a fuss, then it is possible that soon they will shoot and throw grenades at your windows. Therefore, it’s better to quietly go somewhere to the neighbors.

And there, until the pipes are broken, try to stock up on water. And it’s better to do this in advance. Use all the containers you have, up to half-liter cans and plastic bags. Collect a full bath (it is easy to empty it when fired). Water will come in handy for cooking, washing, but most of all for extinguishing a fire. Grenade explosions and tracer bullets when firing in flammable coatings and furniture are fraught with fire.

Whether fire trucks will come to you is doubtful. So you have to rely on yourself and your water. But don’t start putting out the fire until the battle is over. It will not be superfluous to stock up on sand. For example, pouring it into bags. In addition to extinguishing a fire, sand, or rather sandbags, is useful for protection against bullets and fragments. They can overlay the place where you sleep, or close up one of the windows (preferably facing the courtyard so that it does not attract attention). Sandbags were widely used in street battles in almost all wars..

Food is also better to stock up in advance. In order not to run to the store (or to the column for water if you did not store it) when the bullets whistle. And if you go out, then only in purely peaceful clothes. A khaki coat over your shoulders, an officer cap or a protective color shirt can cost you your life. Because during the battle they shoot not at a person, but at a uniform. And if you put on military-style clothing, it means that you, without knowing it, equated yourself with enemy soldiers. It is especially important to explain this to children. They love military ammunition. And they love to imitate the military.

For example, as it has become fashionable now, to tie special forces shawls on your heads or grind your face. In any way it is necessary to convince them that it is dangerous. What is better to be without a scarf, but alive than in a scarf or helmet, but dead. In addition to resembling a uniform, it is not recommended to wear clothes of bright colors, according to which it is very tempting to shoot weapons. 

Life in a city where fighting takes place.

I will tell you very briefly about life in the city where full-scale hostilities are taking place or have just ended. Since I hope that it will not come to a real war. If people who find themselves in a war zone have time, they should prepare improvised shelters. In the event of shelling and bombing, it is best to dig dugouts in three strips somewhere in the wasteland. In extreme cases, gaps. To protect against small arms, equip a shelter in the basement, having previously strengthened and improved it.

And it is imperative to stock up water, food, warm clothes, lighting devices, medicines and stoves for cooking hot food. There must be at least two exits from the basement. It is advisable to place the resting place with sandbags. From the exit from the shelter to the water source, it is better to dig a digging ditch, on which you can move around on all fours. As a last resort, create maximum shelter along the way. A lot of people die during forced trips for water, without which, unlike food, it’s difficult to live even a few days.

Based on materials from the School of Survival during the Economic Crisis.
Andrey Ilyichev.

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