Shooting in Chicago: 10 people killed, more than 50 injured

In the USA they shoot again. But this time – exactly as described in Hoplofobskaya propaganda. That is just for the sake of the process. You can take a shot at the crowd. Or by chance passers-by. Or on the faces of the wrong color. That’s just like a training manual. But let’s look at things rationally.

So, what we do have? In the past weekend, indiscriminate shooting was registered in Chicago. According to the latest data, 11 people had 73 were injured of varying severity. In addition, the emergency number of calls received from the city of Chicago. Yes, it’s not. They started shooting around the city.

And now the fun part. There was no return fire. And the police did not detain ANYONE. At all. That is, people are not ordinary people. Freaks in masks According to the episodes, they were specific gangster clashes. Everything else is just shooting at defenseless targets.

But it could be beneficial. It is a fact that Barack Obama has been with the consequences. Shooting in Chicago. And what is the matter? For example, it’s important that you’ve been able to make it safe.

He was a politician in the world when he wondered about to play.

But if the civilians had trunks in their hands, everything would be a little different. Chicago is unofficially considered the main anti-weapon of the United States, where they were adopted. But the bandits are full. Nothing this picture reminds? Only the “privileged” weapons, the “police”, the “investigate” crimes, and the “well-armed bands”. This picture seems so wild that many people believe in it. Well, in the post-Soviet space.

It is very interesting what all this will lead to. God will judge them in short. Or a tough US judicial system, if the conspiracy and provocation is still confirmed. We’ll see, comrades, we will.


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