Shooting in Chisinau: Self-defense with a firearm against 15 bandits

Picture: Gangsters break into an office, beat up employees. They are met with accurate fire from firearms, forcing to retreat and quickly retreat. Standard plot for american action movie, huh? Meanwhile, the 17th century in the suburbs of Chisinau. The result – 1 corpse, two wounded thugs testify. And now more.

So. Day February 17, there are about 15 people with clearly unkind intentions. Pass under their own power, leaving the car behind the gate. Hide their faces. Although the surveillance cameras still captured a lot. Go ahead cashier. Feet. But he gets to escape and run to the second floor. It is clear that it’s not worth it.

Slowly they climbed up to the second floor where they were hired in the office floor. Businessfully begin to break down the door. And … Begin to frantically convict, because they open fire on them. It was not a rule. If you’re ready to shoot, then you’ll be willing to take a break.

As it turned out, carrying firearms. And the eggs. Total – three gangsters are wounded, one of them is fatal. He was about 50 meters away from the bus station. It has been the case for the detention.

There are no witnesses and videos. So the owner firearms it will be a witness in your case, without your risk. Wounded bandits testify against their comrades. Honest people kicked ass asshots. All happy, hoplofozy confounded.

And now for the facts. Do you really want to see it on the door? So two were injured in a completely safe way for the shooter. It is a clear situation. But rather a dubious moment. Fortunately, he does not continue chasing and shooting.

Well what can I say. Moldova is a post-Soviet space. The mentality and culture are almost identical to ours. But they can legally acquire firearms. And what they are looking for. An occasion to ponder, isn’t it?


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