Shooting in Las Vegas: 50 killed, 400 wounded

More than 50 people killed, and 400 were injured last Sunday night on October 2nd in Las vegas, Nevada, USA. The shooter, located on the Mandalay Bay hotel-casino, opened on the street of the country music festival. This is a terrible mass shooting.

Shooting in las vegas

He is a shooter of a woman who is a resident of the city, named Stephen Paddock, is one of the most prestigious hotels Mandalay bay, It has been given that there has been a tour of the festival. himself performed).

According to the eyewitnesses – it was not understood. Then the performer clearly became audible. A wild panic and crush began – about 22 thousand country lovers tried to find at least some kind of shelter. However, it wasn’t easy open space.

Again, according to eyewitnesses, people fell, thrown by bullets, everywhere there was a blood and bodies. It is a great deal of effort. Someone’s Got Too Much. Local media then especially tightly savored these moments.

“There were only shots of …

Stephen Paddock 30-40 full stores – that’s about a thousand rounds of ammunition. On the other hand, there are more modest testimonies of witnesses, which are to several hundred shots. It is more than 50 dead and 400 wounded, among them – 4 policemen.

They were killed by gunshots. The fighter from his 32nd floor has been injured during the execution. One of the wounded police officers is in critical condition.

What ended the “terrorist attack”?

The shooter was located at the bottom of the door. He didn’t get information about the operation. The airport was closed.

When the special forces broke into the room – Stephen Paddock was already dead. He committed suicide just before the advent of operatives.

Motives for crime in las vegas

In the issue of Stephen Paddock found about 10 firearms. It was not a problem.

A little later, Las Vegas Police Sheriff Joseph Lombardo reported that he had been prepared in advance. He made it clear that he would never be able to participate in any hostilities. Among other things, Stephen had a license and worked as a private pilot. The sheriff is described as the shooter as “an evil aggressive person.”

ABC News: “It was fine, as far as I know …”

The FBI has been in the United States of America. This was the follower. However, no evidence of this is not provided.

Thus, the hotel in Las Vegas is completely incomprehensible now. Perhaps there was a certain Meryl Danley (Marilou Danley), The FBI is declared a woman who was not involved in the incident. Well, we will wait for further news on this event.

As we have said, this “mass execution” turned out to be the bloodiest in US history. Then he was a man, he was killed in June 2016. The shooter was eliminated by the police.


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