Shooting in Parkland, USA: 19-year-old “schoolboy” and 17 killed

It was 60 minutes from the city of Miami. Another schoolboy made a shot at his school. At least 17 people were killed, even more wounded. And now – the details.

So. The 14th of February. It is a sudden alarm. Pupils begin to creep out slowly from the classrooms, where they are met with automatic fire. The shooter has been armed with a semi-automatic AR-15 rifle. And he raised a fire alarm. But they were killed in the street. At the time of this writing – 14 people, but a few are in critical condition.

Anonymous from the start of the events. Ponder, delayed. They didn’t need snipers. Looks like, not really Mr. Cruz wanted to die after his work. He has been given a chance to recruit the country.

Hoplofobsky theory. He was pinned up with the weapon. How – not specified. It is forbidden, if it is forbidden.

It is known that the school put on a big bolt. It was a “absolutely fair” vypet the door. Do not find a certain contradiction? They are punished for it. How could a more quiet and frail physically superior? At the level of children’s contradictions, they received shooting in parkland.

But yes, it is only possible to learn to blame. He didn’t need to go on his own initiative. Blame precisely weapon laws. It is a flawless. So it is necessary to take and ban everything.

If you’re trying to find out, you can’t make it out. Take, at least, the case of shooting in the church. However, it doesn’t want to remember. Still, according to hoplofobs, only should be privileged to defend itself with weapons. Fortunately, the fighters with weapons were very noticeably shaken.


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