Shooting in the army

He has a lot to do. Often such conversations are negative, but there is no real choice. Trying to make it out. cover and shoot ”, and other emotional bursts.

Usually, the arrows are divided into 2 camps: practicing athletes and avid “warriors”. Experienced athletes.

For military and civilian affairs, practical shooting for the security forces.

Well, I’m not really a sportsman, but I’m not siloviki.

20 years ago. It has been noted that it has been the case for the past 10 years. Shooting.

Shooting forces?

1. Skilled and safe weapon handling

It is really what you really heard?

It can be verified that it can be used. Have you seen random shots from practical shooters? Maybe yes. And I, too … and even being a judge at a competition, I disqualified shooters. But such situations happen quite rarely. Severe punishment. Our favorite sport is so safe. What do we have in the Army? Severe security breaches, self-arrows. During the training sessions, there are a few such examples. And then these people say – “practical shooting is shit, this is sport …”

It happens that you literally have to “finger outside the trigger guard”. Shoots not a weapon, shoots a finger. But this is not the worst. More terrible – Employees and servicemen twist Personally, the trunk has been discharged). Do I have to blame them for this? Definitely. But why is this happening? Yes, everything is simple, no skill, no experience, no experience. And if there is no skill Sometimes they say to me – “yes, the gun is not loaded!”. Ha! Do you understand? Cutout is NOT CONTROLLED. I’m sure you’ve gotten the same way … He wouldn’t have

How can I fix this problem? Only a large number of workouts …. And what workouts? Does bullet shooting or sporting give you control of the barrel? Or maybe biathlon? NOT. The gun makes it very practical. The most significant plus of practical shooting.

It is clear that I’m in the context of war. If we’re losing from our own fire ?? It is a question of the aggression of the child.

Further, qualified handling of weapons. What does this phrase mean? This is a shooter and experience of the mechanics of work. Not by books or movies. Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey. This is a shooter that understands why it needs to be seen. And what about the military? It is no secret that even the special forces often hold weapons. And that military patrons spend less. Siloviki wonder why they can be used in some standings. Faster, athletes do reload faster. Athletes can disassemble their weapons, think in tuning, etc.

So, we have 2 important points – safe and secure handling of weapons. Do you know what you need? Me not.

2. Fast and accurate target hit

There are various types of measurements for each meter.

Consider a gun, for example, a little more.

It is not a secret that shots often occur at 3 meters and closer. Are there targets at such distances in practical shooting? Yes. Do their arrows strike quickly? Very fast. Are there such distances in the army? No, there has never been. Only 25 meters, only hardcore. 3 trial 3 test. Well, what can you say about the special forces? Competent commanders and instructors.

3. Speed ​​and accuracy

Do I need to shoot the security forces fast? Definitely – their life depends on it. Is accuracy important? Absolutely exactly what’s important – what’s the difference. It is a balance between speed and speed. Did you see them doing this? Me not. At best, it will knock out 100 points in 30 seconds with reloading. Yes, it’s all out there, according to the course of shooting. It’s not a problem. (yes, such exercises also have the security forces). This is a 2-1 level shooter. I am sure that I am more than 98% of the personnel of the entire military unit.

Of course, it will not be possible to show how much a soldier will shoot in a combat situation. But there are various checks as well. So why not learn from the athletes?

4. Skillful use of different conditions

Shelters, ports, awkward positions, moving targets, Albeit with some reservations (for example, “transparent” walls), but there are such situations. And what often? It happens, but not often. Can this experience be learned from practical shooters? How best to take a shot at … Of course you can.

But I stopped at key points.

Let’s return to them again:

  • safe and qualified gun handling;
  • defeat any difficulty targets at all reasonable distances;
  • development high firing speed with optimum accuracy for this speed;
  • imitation of various life situations – shelters, windows, uncomfortable positions, and so on …

If you’re interested in this technique? Do you know this technique? If suddenly, yes – tell me (I’m really interested!)

Do not take into account one important thing. “Practice” did not come from nowhere. “Practice” is a rifle evolution. Millions of shooters and billions of shots … What sport or method can boast the same?

This is a list of general rules of law.

“They’re trying to bring in sports methods of training …”

First, no one is trying to replace combat training with sport. It is a safe and skilled shooter. Practical shooting does not teach to fight.

Before you run into the attack, in most cases, you’ll be in trouble. It was a big BUT with some fighters talked … personally about this topic. It was not a literal “military instructors”, which has been complied with

Many opponents of the “practice” had the following impression: “Security forces are instead of doing combat training”. Well, what a nonsense … It’s about preparing the shooter. A fighter must learn to shoot. It is a fighter who will be a “father-commander”. I’m not talking about the fighting. The objectives of the challenge are varying degrees. Working out, on the road, on the road, on the road, on the building, anywhere

“Practical shooting is no good!”

I have heard the phrases. So what ??? We are talking exclusively about SPORT. What is the reuse while recharging while keeping the store? I’m not a question! – IDPA defense shooting. Do you? The situation is gently and calmly.

In short, he was sucked from the finger. Moreover, these problems are sucked out by people, as a rule not versed in practical shooting. They didn’t even achieve anything serious. We can talk about?

But this is all the lyrics. What is a shooter? What are the options? What are you looking for? Bullet shooting can? Maybe shooting a crossbow?) Maybe the secret techniques SMERSH? Where is the secret closed basements? I don’t know such people. They simply do not. It is a myth. Thus, besides practical shooting, we choose nothing. Again, this is only about shooting equipment, tactics, sweeps, assaults, complete equipment, and so on.

In general, I started practicing practical skills for my colleagues. This is just a fact. It was not a “3 trial 3 credits for 25 meters.”

“In practical shooting, the target does not shoot back!”

Not shooting, right. AND IN WHAT KIND OF TRAINING TARGET TARGET? In no way. Make it out. Fighting at people is fired only during combat operations. . But it’s not a problem. Why not use airsoft drives in your training? Is it in working out? I know how to get a ball in the ass)) Can Eirsoft be called effective training? We shoot, shoot at us … No, it is impossible. Despite the above advantages, and even group work, weapons are not real. The weapon doesn’t recoil, it doesn’t penetrate the shelter, it doesn’t give a rebound. But can airsoft Of course. This is not the case. Yes you can, of course.

It is a separate application for air conditioning. In the first case, we need real work. Is it possible to replace air combat and “practice” with all combat training? I think no. I’m not sure how to use it.

“Yes, they shoot buckets …”

If you want to see high sporting results? How many years of jumpers to achieve a professional result? If you’re an adult, you’ll have a lot of number of repetitions. It’s a fun way to make it. It will be a problem. to stupidly elementary).

Now let’s get a little bit from the other side. Let’s think about it. There is a statement – “practical shooting“OK. Is it a boxing fight?” All else being equal.

It is a training course. at a match of 3 levels). In the case of fire contact, who will have a better shooting performance? It’s not a problem.

Farther. Game plan for the exercise. Give you the shooters. Yes, of course, this is a purely sports theme. But let’s look at this question. Developing a game of brain training. She wants to make it possible for her. He needs to find all the targets, come up with the order of defeat, the place of reloading, etc. Enough large amount of information. And then your plan is perfect. And so on.

You can spend your time on it, plan things, etc. Indeed, practical shooting makes the brain work. And this is definitely a good feature.

Any sporting event is stressful. It is also a case of time shooting. It was an attempt to complete the course. Where else can you get such effective brain training?

The military instructors. I’m a military instructor in fire training:

  • Practice shooting – It is simply not necessary. For example, there is no need to enter into position, it is completely inapplicable in life. There are no problems. Clitter up the brain (IMHO).
  • From practical shooting you can take baboutmost of shooting skills – removal of weapons, control, and so on. This is especially true of the gun. But in the case of the “long barrel,” the picture changes slightly. This is a fact. But there is no loss of time. It’s not always the case. It is forbidden to shoot it.

Once it’s a little business trip, I’m making it a little bit. rest, in case of a malfunctioning weapon, etc. And 3 years ago I recorded it.

In this context, in fact, it is not a rule of thumb. It is clear that there is no need for guidance. The IDPA. Weapons and shops are initially hidden under clothes. Before shooting, if space permits, it is offset from the attack line. It is not a chance to be aware of the situation. hand-to-gun combat. Shooting.

But, despite the fact that he was not

I am preparing for a competition at the end of the world. . It is not a problem to use a weapon. Do you understand? Do not necessarily run in competitions. In practical shooting, many shooting elements are systematized; by training them, you increase your combat effectiveness. If you can’t take it, then you shouldn’t take it?

Endlinedly, but will, I will finish on this) outlined the main positions.

Maybe you have any thoughts on this …?)

By: Alexander Shooter

Rifle training

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