Shooting in the dark and in low light

In this guide, we will cover (what a pun!) Some questions tactics of action at low light. If you don’t have to train in the low light. With all this in mind, let’s touch on a few tricks as applied to shooting in the dark.

“The first time you shoot someone is a significant event. I mean, there are a lot of assholes in the world. There are hunters, and there are victims. With your training you decide which of them you are. ”
United States Marine Corps General Jays Mad Dog Mattis

Dangers of low light

Shooting at low light – The situation is a situation in the world. Even in non-combat conditions, darkness.

There are a number of consequences for darkness. It is a so-called autokinetic effect. This is an autokinetic effect. This is usually caused by the movements of your eyes.

“This is an autokinesis – involuntary movement of the muscles in your own eyes. These lights do not come near. This is a fucking city. Thirty to forty clicks from us, at least. Where is Alpha brought? Long away? ”
Sergeant Brad “Snowman” Colbert. The film “Generation of killers”

It has been confirmed that this has been the case for the racetrack. Fortunately, it wasn’t the way it’s turned out to be a waste.

But it is not the case. More than ten percent of people experience fear of the dark, causing tanatophobia (fear of death), irrational anxiety, insomnia, depression and anxiety. It is true that the psyche is overloading your mind, dramatically overloading your mind and making it difficult.

It is unpleasant to talk to you. Our eyes rely on sticks in the retina (rhodopsin), each capable of catching a single photon of light. However, if you’re stuck in a bright light, then you’re stuck for a minute. And yet – for example, imagine that you can’t make it into the underground bunker. You can really concentrate on any threats.

The advantage of shooting in the dark

Night is the time of dark deeds. Most crimes, shootings and military operations occur at night. The assailant lack of light. It is a method of training for people who have been trained.

It’s not a problem.

General principles of shooting in low light

Equipment low light shooting it should be included in your fire training cycle. You need to have the right equipment in order to act in the dark, although not relying entirely on the devices. First of all, remember a few simple rules. low light shooting, and only then proceed to more complex things. Three simple rules.

“Do not shine”

Do not show your location, respect lightning, Do not signal your opponents about your presence.

This is a very bright thing. Highlight yourself when you are walking. You’re getting a shot, you’re getting a shot. It was your choice.

It’s not a problem. Use of a night vision device, illuminated around on the rifle. Unfortunately, it’s not worth it. You will have to rely on unmasking, controlling the inclination of your periodic inclusions. Controlling your movement, direction light flashlight you will prevent the sniper from tracking you.

Do not blind yourself and your group

In the end, your eyes will become accustomed to darkness, and will become very sensitive to light. If you’re still sensitive, you can’t be one of them. When shooting in low light. Practice of shooting of light beam.

Do not create a backlight

When it comes to teamwork, it’s clear that it’s a background. It has been a lot of trouble.

Equipment for shooting in low light

Fortunately and lanterns, and NVD Have been a great help for you. shooting in the dark. Avoid, however, a long flashing or sliding firing mechanism – too long to combat situation option.

So, as we said, is necessary for shooting in the dark equipment:

  • night-vision device,
  • infrared target designator
  • podstvolny lamp on a carbine or pistol,
  • lantern in hand.

Shooting in low-lit buildings

The rule of thumb is that if you’re on your workouts:

  • don’t turn on the flashlight too soon
  • do not use a ray (raising it from ground),
  • do not drive slowly lantern,
  • Do not light up the wall in front of you.

Crossings and uncomfortable corners should not be made in aggressive aggressive manner. I hope you got lamp barrel, which you can instantly turn on. If you’re on fire, you’ll have to go ahead and go ahead. Sticking out and highlighting the lamp, you disorient the target, providing yourself a advantage.

If you’re at a small height, you’ll be looking for a treadmill,

Another nice feature of some tactical lights – strobe light, If you are not ready for your effect.

Good exercise for working out shooting under low light – For example, there are no limits for passive waiting. In doing this exercise, low light.

Natural night vision

There are ways to improve visibility at night. One of the simplest methods is to increase vitamin A intake. Another method is to squeeze your eyelids tightly for ten seconds, then open your eyes. At the “home”. Again and again applying your night vision, you better fit your eyes low light.

Finally: night-vision devices This article is mentioned rather superficially, although worthy of deeper consideration.

It is not clear that such a pattern has been reached.

Low Light Shooting Guide

Rifle training

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