Shooting in Yakutia: 5 people died, the criminal shot himself

Cases firing on unarmed to people have long ceased to be the prerogative of the United States only. Of course, it’s not a problem. It takes even more than precisely Americans. It was a small town in Yakutia.

Yakutia. The village of Bulgunnyakhtakh. He was born in 1952, for example, citizen shooting unarmed people and his family villagers. Three men, a woman and an eleven year old boy. He was shot in the middle of a note. Shooting It was conducted on the legal grounds.

There is a clear idea of ​​how much persecution mania can be. It had no problem.

But as usual, immediately began talking about “tightening”, “prohibiting”, “taking away”, “weapons – evil” and everything in the same spirit. And it doesn’t think about the peculiarities of rural mentality. Especially in the outback. If there are no firearms, the local “offended” will simply burning burning houses. And cut the “offenders” with knives, axes and other cold weapons. It has always been the way to go. It was a civilian who had recently been leaned on. And in prison they didn’t even make a living for themselves.

Again, it’s possible to shooting at people, including children ?? Oh, and we can’t go on this side. And we also have a clear psychological standard, even legally enshrined – “So, no matter what the neighbors are.”

In short, the situation is ambiguous, but opponents of firearms will of course use it in their rhetoric. But we still know what’s a tool. Kits can be anything. It can be a question. Well, to the police, especially if it’s not.


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