Shooting “off the wheels”: Training, principles, organization of the landfill

It is generally about something else. In this case, it’s not a problem. Because, speaking of shooting “off the wheel”, mainly refers to the work of passenger cars. Lightly armored or unarmored.

This is a car that’s sticbornly prevents it from happening. It is clear that it is not moving from a car on a German autobahn, where you need to go. It is a driving situation. It can be taken from a moving car. Well, do not take care of the elements of the car body. It is your ability to maintain your body.

Technical component

At shooting “off the wheel” hitting a target is an optional task. The aim of the fire movement.

To determine the goals of the suppressive fire, “non-indexed” targets are used. That is, in fact, large sheets of plywood or polyethylene (starting from 2×2 meters), on which standard targets are glued.

The goal is to complete the process. It is considered 50% of the hits.

Similarly, you can use mobile and lifting targets. But it doesn’t change.

It has been noted that it has been necessary to complete the process. “By“ introductory targets ”,“ lifting ”targets can be used.

It is a good idea.

Basic exercises for practicing shooting “off the wheels”

Exit from ambush

The vehicle (CU) leaves the ambush zone without stopping. Operators, in this situation, fire more on suppression than on defeat. If you are on the road to a situation of

Departure from a damaged vehicle

Alternate fire moss, alternating fire motive “

Group cover and evacuation

Board ship arrives to evacuate its group. It’s a challenge. The task may have been complicated by the element “evacuation of the wounded.” In addition, we can consider the following.

Cover and evacuation of the group along with the vehicle

The situation is being out when, in addition to evacuating the group, it is also necessary. The vehicle can be removed from the vehicle. It’s a complete peace of mind.

A separate training discipline is in the above situations. In this case, the VIP is.

However, this is a separate discipline, in principle. Because it is already from the “very special tasks” section. And we’re just mentioning.

In addition to training for such situations, such as tactical situations and training programs. The attacking side. In such cases, the use of fumes, pyrotechnics and acoustic accompaniment is especially important. To ensure maximum realistic training.

Shooting exercises for operators

1. Firing on the go

  • Linear motion of the vehicle.
  • Maneuvering vehicle.
  • The location of the enemy in the open.
  • The enemy’s location in the shelter

2. Firing for suppression and defeat, using the vehicle

  • The vehicle has been subject to conditions described before training, such as: The degree of armored vehicles.
  • Disabling the vehicle.
  • Using a mobile vehicle for a vehicle.

3. Firing on suppression and defensive positions

4. Compared to the evacuation of the escort.

5. In case of defeat of the vehicle. Simply put, a withdrawal.

6. It is intended for protection and evacuation. That is an offensive battle at short distances.

Separately, it’s worth it, or a mini-drone operator, it’s worth it. the enemy. Still, modern technology is not good to forget.

The main difficulty in organizing training sessions shooting “off the wheel”, This is the organization of a specialized shooting range. Situations in various environments:

  • Forest.
  • mountainous or at least hilly terrain.
  • conditions of urban or rural development.
  • flat terrain.
  • zone with man-made shelters.

It is a clear road structure, with different types of coatings and different geometries. It is also very desirable to provide pyrotechnics, smoke and lighting.

In short, the topic of training shooting “off the wheels” it is very interesting, but it is very time-and labor-intensive. But very interesting.

Rifle training

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