Shooting offhand:

Imagine the situation: a person for the first time in his life in a shooting gallery takes a weapon in his hands, shoots him, he likes it, and he decides to shoot. How will he start? Of course, from the very basics of working with weapons, with safety techniques, with proper aiming, and so on. Then, progressing, the shooter will comprehend various subtleties and techniques, improve their skills. Until one day you come across a skill like shooting offhand, that is, simply – how to shoot quickly without aiming.

Why even be able to quickly shoot without aiming?

There is practical shooting, there is also defensive shooting (how they differ, you can read in this article). Both of these disciplines relate to shooting sports, but people who play such sports can be divided into two categories. The first ones are those who like shooting community, competition, competitive spirit, participation and victories. The latter mostly shoot in order to improve their self-defense skills – adrenaline in competitions hits so that the stress is comparable to any critical situation.

So, if the hero of our short story decided to engage in shooting just because it’s fun, it’s unusual, it’s new acquaintances, feelings and accomplishments ñ shooting offhand is not necessary. Moreover, even harmful. But if a person chooses a weapon as one of the ways to protect himself, his home and his loved ones? The ability to quickly shoot without aiming it can be very useful. Why?

When it comes to survival and the struggle for life, a delay of even a second can cost a lot. In a situation of self-defense, it may turn out so that you simply will not have time to aim carefully. And then everything will depend on the ability to fire offhand. Fortunately, this skill is also practiced.

Shooting offhand – exercises for practicing

Before you start learning to shoot fast without aiming, it is necessary to master the classical shooting to the extent necessary. At a minimum, this is necessary in order for the position of the barrel to suggest where exactly the bullet will fly. And it will turn out to feel with much more accuracy than simply determining the direction of shooting.

In addition, it is worth remembering quite a useful exercise for shooting offhand. For this we need a gun, a target, and a roll of duct tape. Just take – and glue the fly. And we begin to work out shooting blindly. First – by the target at the minimum distance for you. Focus while not on the front sight, and on the target. If at the same time you manage to maintain accuracy – can you increase the distance of a meter by 2. Again, good accuracy? Excellent, we continue to increase the distance. If not, go back a step and shoot again.

When the distance grows decently, with good accuracy, it will be possible to master shooting with snatching. Yes, those “cowboy duels”. There is one important point – first you need to train to make a shot no earlier, when the barrel looks towards the target. To do this, you will have to use a discharged weapon and an assistant, who will observe your movements and indicate when the shooting started too early.

But in any case, it will take a lot of time, effort and ammo. However, with the cartridges you can cheat a little, honing skills on pneumatics or airsoft models. You are not holding a weapon and learning to compensate for the return, but quickly shooting without aiming. And in this case, at the first stages, not a firearm will come down.


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