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Sooner or later, it’s not. There are no limits for firearms. However, after some time comes. Moreover, hammered into a range of sports skills. And we’ll tell you.

However, long-barreled weapons and short-barreled weapons. Yes, for all of our readers, despite the fact that she has been reading, there is no need for any unattainable dream. You can be sure that you’ve been able to get ready for this. Especially since traumatic pistols, especially for self-defense. So what are the mistakes?

1. Collect cartridges after shooting.

If you are watching, you can observe the small object. It is a rule of thumb, and many shooters collectors almost on the machine.

However, in life you can attract “for hiding evidence.” “Material evidence”. If you want to do so, then you need to do so. But it is not possible, but it can be used in an aggravating circumstance. So we warned you.

2. Shoot fixed targets

In sports shooting, 95% of targets are fixed. Just because moving target situations are difficult to do, long and expensive. However, such occur.

However, the criminal will not wait until you take aim. Try to take a comfortable position. If not, try to shorten the distance as quickly as possible. In both cases, you will be dealing with a moving target. And they themselves are also a fire return. It is rarely taught.

3. Concentrate only on the shooting process.

For shooting, for shooting. With shaking hands, on adrenaline, entangled in all that is possible. You can not arise. It is very important that it is a ballast, it is a ballast and it is a taboo (for long-barreled weapons). Fortunately, this can be done at home, with a discharged weapon.

In addition to preparing for sports, it is important to work out. On this shooting range, this is “Discharge, check, control descent, into the holster / barrel up”. It is a hypothetical situation. neutralized, or there are several of them. Think about it yourself.

4. Do not be able to recharge

Speaking of recharging. Surely heard this: “Yes, I have 10 rounds in the store, enough to fill up 10 sons of bitches!”. Only in the movie, and only Django 6 shots made 6 corpses. In fact, there were cases when the shooter launched a shocking shop, even if without hitting the attacker.

In short, if you couldn’t have any problems. If they failed in two, then the problems are already quite serious. So training accuracy were in vain. However, it’s not a problem.

5. Not to be able to shoot

It is a fact that the situation has not been resolved. However, it’s very rare to eliminate delays. Do you really want to cope with the problem?

We recommend that you find out how to get out. For the pistols and for the long-barreled weapons.

6. Forget the fuse

In a relaxed atmosphere, everything is simple – prepared, shoot. And when the adrenaline rushes, you can not fight especially. It’s not a problem. Yes, this is a security violation. It can save you precious seconds.

And here it is worth clarifying one point. It is a lawsuit in the chamber. It is a process to get there. It can be the shutter. Actually, think for yourself. We warned you again.

7. Shoot only at medium and long distances.

It is not interesting to shoot at close distances. “I’ll get into focus without looking!” – almost every shooter usually thinks so. However, you can literally not get into the wall, facing her.

If you’re close enough: 5 meters, at best. It is a very big question. He is a careful hypothetical opponent. Practiced by specific workouts. Except, perhaps, the last item. Seriously, shooting people specifically is rarely taught.

8. Shoot only from sports racks.

Any such stand turns you into an excellent target. So bend down, hide, hide. In a word, complicate your opponent as much as possible. It can even be needed – there are all sorts of situations.

In general, there is a situation of self-defense, that is, there is no difference, It makes it easier. Usually it is standing almost opposite. It can be used to avoid shooting. For even if you’re a gunner in a practical shooting game, you can’t make it up for you.

9. Use weapons for self-defense.

This is probably the most important point. It is a way of life. Here, you’ve been practicing, extracting, holding, shooting, reloading, and practicing abnormal situations. That is, executed the maximum program. And then they returned their weapons. Well, ok, cleaned and cleaned. What is the problem?

It is a rape, ramrods, scopes, ballistics and other weapons bastard? And try to get to the safe.

You can take a shot from the holster, perhaps even from under your clothes. Tactical. Great! Is it the same in the city? About 80% of the owners of OOOP (and combat pistols, where allowed), backpacks, even cases. Have you been trained with your everyday gear? Draw your own conclusions.

To summarize, then, in principle, all the moments are worked out during some practical practice. He wants to learn more about his IPSC courses. It is a situation in self-defense.

On this we have everything. Thanks for taking the time to read!
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