Shooting sports and self defense

“He’s been a journalist”, “He is a journalist”

So, it will be about self defense with weapons shooting in the above self defense.

In the case of the contingent of the mega-gourah, I will contact you. It is a list of ways to learn the truth.

And only after you have been able to get a little closer to the truth. No more.

Analysis of shooting sports

1. Sport shooting (bullet)

It doesn’t matter if it’s a pistol or a rifle. Warming up and downholstering, for example, , ammunition, sight, etc. d.

Practical application – military / police sniping, hunting.

2. High-speed pistol shooting (Olimpik)

Difficult, requiring high concentration and accumulated over the years sport sport. It was a practical application.

Will explain. Several years ago, he conducted a match for a practical match. It was described as the briefing on the exercise. The trainer didn’t go exercise – it was sharpened for other distances.

3. Stand shooting (round stand)

Motorcycle tabs in eight positions. Shooting at the same point.

Practical application – hunting. AT self defense – High-speed shot of a long-barreled weapon.

4. Trench stand

Hours of mobility tabs when shooting at a flying target. Since the direction of launch is unknown.

Practical application – hunting. AT self defense – High-speed shot of a long-barreled weapon.

4. Sporting as a hybrid of a round and trench stand

Practical application – hunting. AT self defense – High-speed shot of a long-barreled weapon.

5. Practical shooting IPSC / MKPS

Excellent dynamic and entertaining sport. All types of weapons – a pistol (revolver), a gun, a carbine. Nor when not repeated exercises. I will miss the power. Hours of SAFE speed shooting at various targets, It was during the course of the movement, including during the raids, elimination of delays and faults. Sticking and changing the infantry stance and making it possible to make a shot (especially “flash drive” – two in a row).

AT self defense – It is a different position (charged, discharged, at the waist, in the hands, in a hands, in a drawer, cabinet, etc.). Shooting from uncomfortable positions. Shooting at various targets, including partially closed. Shooting on the go.

6. IDPA Applied Shooting

The author is perceived exclusively for the pistol (revolver).

All the same as described in the IPSC. The reality of the barrels, without frills such as collimator sights, muzzle compensators and shops for 30 rounds. Worn on the belt. A special highlight adds to the weapon. Mandatory test: it should not be visible.

In addition to the IPSC, the shooter is taking into account the target situation. Another important point is when shooting from behind shelter.

AT self defense – described in chapter IPSC – It is the first time that you can use it.

The use of various types of weapons in self-defense


Available, but the most dangerous weapon in self defense. It can be predicted that it can be predicted. It is a person who is well (and not just one …). Also, you can’t forget what you protect.


Affordable and efficient in self defense type of weapon with limited scope.

Respectable moves around with a gun. Therefore, it is a weapon for protection against animals and animals in “wild” places.

Pistol (revolver)

The most effective type of weapon in our realities. High efficiency due to the main principle “always with me“The law was adopted with pistols (sometimes several), including some “well-known journalists.”

Traumatic weapon

Extremely dangerous and unnecessary weapons. Danger is considered in several planes:

  • the concept of a “traumatic weapon” can be reduced dramatically. If released into separate parts of the body, even certified ammunition can be fatal. And further in the criminal case will appear “firearms”;
  • If you’re a little girl, you’ll be trauma may not give effect to the gunman, with unpredictable consequences for the gunman.

Self defense

You can imagine very few situations when self defense Bring your weapon to a position, make sure you have a comfortable and safe position. This is either a reflection of the third party. In most cases, the attack occurs suddenly.

I’m not sure that I’ve been able to reach the distance of 7-8 meters. Constantly shooter for all police officers. Therefore, in applying weapons for self defense There is such an important aspect as readiness. Technical. Physical. Psychological. He is waiting for danger. They are not only trained in bodyguards.

Remember – the best self defense – to avoid conflict.

Take care of yourself!

Author – Igor Boyko

Self defense

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