Shooting stress tests: Organization, preparation and conduct

We need it stress test. It is radically different from shooting ranges. There is a target fighter weapon. It means that there’s no problem with it. But all this is not active irritant. If only because they are familiar and constant. Nothing changes, all the same time. external factors.

And this is a very important moment. All the factors are directly affecting the fighter. In the most direct way. If it’s not possible hostile environment. Starting from the bottom active opposition of the enemy. In this case, it’s not a problem.

As a result, it is not possible to assess the situation accordingly. In the end – the wounded or the corpse. It can be a strongest stress, and it can also be affected. In any case, it will be affected.

We will not delve into neurophysiology, although it is fertile and interesting. Especially when applied to this aspect of combat training. But it’s not a problem. stress response types. But today we will talk about the technical side of this issue.

This is already a stress. it primary stress It’s firing the first time. Release to blood adrenaline or cortisol (depending on the type), delight, understanding that in the hands of weapons. This is the first stress army life. What then? And then nothing. For the most part, it’s just advanced exercise on the shooting range and in the dash. Moreover, there is no provision for a specific time. Shooting range.

Therefore, it’s not a problem. It’s not a matter of course. So that when they come to life, he has already worked out, behavior model.

It is a fact that it’s not a matter of course. . And to respond quickly and correctly. First thing for stress test need a shooting range. At worst, it will come down. In addition to regular fixed targets, it is good to have the following:

  • swinging
  • rising
  • moving

In addition, you need to create several typesshelters“: Wooden, brick, under-standing for shooting from a standing-sitting-lying position. It is possible to create not only straight lines, but also “winding” routes for passing. In addition, some technical tools are needed to create complex working conditions:

  • dispersed throughout the shooting range
  • flashlight / flash / strobe system
  • speaker system tied to the alert / communication system.

Of course, it’s ideal if it’s duplicated by the presence of kill house. But, this is absolutely perfect. And despite this, it will still take. instructor team. It becomes a rule that it can be more complex.

There is no need to create various conditions. It is a fact that it will take you all the time.

The first stage of the stress test

It is clear that a person who understands how to shoot. Has experience in performing various exercises at the time. For a start, a fighter is taught to act on two behaviors:

  • Clear. It is a fact that it is not a problem.
  • There can be a vote.

Thus, the fighter learns how to work. What is the stress? This is a significant stress at the initial stage. It is not a problem.

The second stage of the stress test

An instructor who completes the first stage. The instructor gives false commands. For example, provoking a change in the order of destruction of targets. Or “by non-combatant” target appears. The instructor’s task is to confuse the fighter. In this case, you can carry out the situation. In order not to shoot, it’s not a combatant.

Third stage of the stress test

Hit points for all weapons. That is, transitions from primary to secondary. In this case, it is not only the target designation. The fighter is even more in the choice of the weapon.

The fourth stage of the stress test

In all this, we add the main trick. Starting from the 4th stage, the fighter doesn’t know exactly how much ammunition is loaded in each store. The path to the movement.

ON PSYCHOLOGICAL PRESSURE. What does this “pressure” on the instructor mean mean? It is better to shout, even better – to go after a fighter with a megaphone. And shoot him down through the money box. It is a fighter who can be insulted, referring to all kinds of lewdness. That is, you can not be shy. At his address is also an indicator. This is an element of preparation. And it’s not about your personal qualities.

Therefore, during the preparation of the program stress tests need a psychologist. This is not a self-indulgence, but a measure. When stress test, It can be a little emotionally aggressive environment. He says, “It’s a part of his work.” Jokes jokes, but this is a very important point.

The fifth stage of the stress test

Finally, the instructor gets a weapon. Charged with blank ammunition. In addition to the instructor of the gunner or under the feet. Shooting in the ground.

At this point, the phased training system ends. Next comes the inclusion in the training system. technical means. Starting from broadcasting through the dynamics of music / teams. In this case, the commands are not transmitted. However, from the moment of connection, the support of the instructor becomes optional. Commands can also be given over the radio, through a headset. So to say, directly, in “mosk” fighter. Anything can be used as an acoustic irritant. Music and industrial sounds, Music Fear Factory). Similarly, connect visual distraction (lanterns, strobe lights) designed to distract and blind the fighter. Well, of course, do not forget the package. Any situational training fits into this “environment”. Starting from the route, ending with the hostages and practicing a surprise attack.

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