Shooting training in low light

Is not relevant, is quite relevant. I, at one time, wrote a program on this subject.

There are several types of work:

  • Shooting under conditions low light.
  • Shooting in the absence of light sources.
  • Shooting with a wearable light source (i.e., limited visibility).

In general, it is a list of artificial light sources (HIS, fires, flares) and technical means (NVD, FA), but for civilian use. But for any shooter, it’s not true that it’s not.

Shooting in low light conditions

In this case, the shooter approaches the target until the moment has been reached. This is a very important detail. To imitate the use of weapons, we use, “pistols / machine guns” cut out foil. It should be attributed to one side or another. That is, in fact, it doesn’t interfere with the occasional handing of the opposite side. Learn how to get the shooter before opening fire.

And, of course, it’s the special attention paid to the accuracy of firing. In conditions low light, shooter must hit the target.

Shooting in the absence of light sources

This version of a purely defensive shooting. In fact, this is the option of firing back at outbreaks of shots. This is two fundamental points: It was given that it was given the definition of the affected area. And, accordingly, the rate of return fire. The assessment is, of course, it’s taken in a comprehensive manner. By the way, it is a matter of static or moving.

Shooting with a wearable light source (i.e., limited visibility)

It’s not true that it’sa bit of a flashlight. Where does the uber-shooter know? SWAT, waving fun lanterns on tree, and “rezhzhut darkness” for all the money, without saving the state-owned batteries.

It is a flashlight in a pulsed mode. And not with stupidly included stroboscope, but intelligently. Turned on and off. This is what is highlighted, figured out the route / object, and then act. That is either shoot or go. This is the first. Only then are the different weapons layout relative to the lantern and vice versa. Although various spetsdevaysy such Crimson trace (this is where LCC lamps should be), this task is facilitated.

Again, it is necessary to ensure that you can use your stroboscope, for example.

It turns out that it’s necessary to study separately. And then another, to reduce it all into a single scheme.

Something like that. It’s just … Well then … Good luck)))

Workout shooting in low light

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