Shop, clip or cartridge pack?

Today we will discuss common among beginners and not only mistakes in the designation of some weapon parts. So, a magazine, a clip or an ammunition pack – what is the difference and what is what?

Forget words like “horn” and “drum,” or even some ardent gunsmiths have their ears bleeding when they hear them. Probably. To whom it is interesting – we read further, who humbly chuckled “pff, yes, I already know all this” – do not read.

Shop (Magazine)

Score – This is a container for cartridges with a cartridge feed mechanism (spring). There are detachable (pistols, carbines, machine guns, etc.), as well as not detachable ones (pump gun, rifle, etc.). You can equip both one cartridge by hand, and the clip or cartridge pack.

Depending on the shape, the stores are divided into: box-shaped (what is sometimes called the “horn”), drum, disc, tubular and auger. We will not describe in detail about each type; their name is clear from the name. Well, depending on the position relative to the receiver, the shops are upper, lower, side.

Clip (Stripper Clip)

Clip – a device or device (as it is more convenient for someone to call it), allowing to charge a multiple-shot weapon with several cartridges at a time. That’s just the “store” is often mistakenly called the “clip.”

The clip is designed to charge the store, as detachable type, and not detachable. Most often, the clip is a metal strip in which 5-10 cartridges are fastened. Also, the clip is often confused with the cartridge package, which will be discussed further. We also separately mention revolvers, due to their specificity.

Cartridge Tutu (En Bloc Clip)

Patron tutu – a device that combines several rounds in one element, designed to accelerate the charging of weapons. In fact, it is a type of clip. The difference is that the cartridge pack is inserted entirely inside the store.

The lack of ammunition packs is that while the cartridge pack inserted into the magazine is not completely shot out, it is impossible to reload the weapon.

Revolving clip (Moon Clip)

Revolving holder – (free translation) a device that represents something in between a clip and a cartridge cartridge. The appointment is the same – accelerated charging revolver. When the cartridges are inserted into the drum, the holder (munklip) remains with them in the drum (unlike the speedloader, from the English speedloader, for the revolver, which releases the cartridges when they are inserted into the drum).

The revolving holder allows the use of pistol cartridges without a collar in the revolver.


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