Shotgun as fire support

We’ve been putting in a shotgun that’s been in the article. Jd lester, full-time instructor Suarez International.

This is a shotgun.

There are several ways to go knocking out locks and moving through dense vegetation.

For some police forces, there is a long-barreled weapon available to patrols. It is not necessary to have a shotgun for their eyes (countless times).

As previously discussed, it is a weapon. Both pump and self-loading can be used.

It will help you to take a look at the civilian movement. In both cases, the addition of the main weapon. If you are unable to carry additional weapons and weapons.

It is important that you use your toolkit.

Urban use shotgun

Casting out locks: using a shotgun to provide access to the ammunition.

Protection of the dominant points.

The use of a shotgun in patrolling open areas

The terrain dictates, but not also the use of weapons. Light and fast ricochets from the vegetation, and here the shotgun comes to the rescue of the carbine. I (JD Lester) abandon your favorite carbine instead. I say that there is no solution for some types of terrain. In motion among the dense vegetation, the shotgun provides a greater density of fire and facilitates the “contact breaking” combat algorithm.

It is a deadly shot. In an ambush attack, it can be as much as possible. If you’re not a military man Self-loading shotguns have an undoubted advantage.

Saiga-12 is a favorite among combat shotguns. However, it is not always the best choice, Remington models 11-87 or 1100 may be more suitable. Below We do not mention less common models like MKA 1919 here.

If you want to make it up, you can’t need it. Like much, it compromises. If you are ready, then you’ll be able to take a shotgun.

Consider the options for self-loading shotguns:

“Saiga 12? after conversion to AK-like shotgun

pros Minuses
Appeal as with AK Platform availability and cost of conversion
Durable and reliable Cost and reliability of high capacity stores
Accessories and parts are available. Dimensions of high capacity not prevent shooting
Option with a folding butt for compactness Requires a little more maintenance than AK
Large capacity stores available

Remington 1100 or 11-87

pros Minuses
Cost and availability In the standard package, the magazine holds only 5 rounds.
Availability of store extenders Recharging takes longer and requires precision movements.
Shooting while lying down. (Although there are pistol grip)
No additional stores required Reliability requires careful regular maintenance.
Parts are readily available.

And yet, it’s important to consider:

  • Is this a tool for a specific task, or an aid?
  • How best to apply it?
  • How much more weight shotgun compared with pistol and carbine can help?

Self defense

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