Shotguns and shotguns. A selection of photos

Shotgun – smooth-bore firearms, which use the energy of a fixed projectile for firing a number of small round balls (shot), or bullets (jacan).

Shotgun – a weapon, usually intended for shooting from the shoulder. Shotguns There can be a variety of calibers: from 5.5 mm (0.22 inches) to 5 cm (2 inches). There are various mechanisms shotguns, including single-barreled, with two or more trunks; pump, lever, self-loading, there are even fully automatic options.

Power shot out shotgun extends to the whole fraction, as a result of which the shot energy is rather low. Low accuracy of the shot makes shotgun useful primarily for hunting birds and other small animals. For military or law enforcement purposes, the shot makes the shotgun useful both for close combat and as a defensive weapon. In sports shooting shotgun also used for target shooting.

Shotguns, Not only are they very effective weapons for self-defense and close combat, they also bring pleasure by their appearance alone. Well, if a zombie apocalypse is suddenly, then this friend is the first way to get rid of the attention and obsessive attention of a zombie.

And so, this collection is dedicated to shotguns and shotguns.

Enjoy watching!


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