Shovel in wearable and car survival kit, emergency kit or NAZ, choice of shovel.

There are different points of view on how much a shovel is needed in survival kits and emergency kits. The topics of having a shovel in group hiking equipment are now deliberately not touching. 

Shovel in wearable and car survival kit, emergency kit or NAZ, shovel selection.

Even the smallest folding shovel will be unreasonably heavy and dimensional for picking up small camping portable survival kits or emergency kits. And her very presence there is in great doubt. The scope of application of the shovel is too narrow relative to the intended tasks. If you still feel the need for some kind of digging tool, assuming that it can significantly facilitate some actions in an emergency or emergency, for example: trap devices, digging up roots or tubers of edible wild plants, shelter equipment, etc., then you should pay attention to compact folding or collapsible garden scoops.

Shovel in wearable and car survival kit, emergency kit or NAZ, choice of shovel.

For ease of use, you can sew a cover on such a scoop if it is not included. This will allow you to wear it, if necessary, on a belt or on equipment. Another thing is if you are picking up a car emergency kit or kit. Here, the presence of a shovel is not only fully justified, but sometimes it is simply vital. And do not think that a shovel is only needed in the countryside.

In winter, when you suddenly have to dig your car out of snow captivity at the entrance of the house, a shovel will save you a lot of time and nerves. If the car is operated exclusively in the city or on paved roads, then the usual small infantry shovel is quite suitable. Or, in order to save space in the trunk of its folding option. She will be able to dig up the rammed snow, and to break the ice. Efficiency and functionality compared to a full-sized shovel will of course be lower, but compact.

Shovel in wearable and car survival kit, emergency kit or NAZ, choice of shovel.

Outside the city and asphalt, in the conditions of country and forest roads, where the likelihood of a car getting stuck exists not only in the snowy season of the year, but at any other time, a full-fledged full-size (or almost full-sized) bayonet shovel will be more relevant. It will provide an opportunity to dig not only snow, but also earth with sand or clay. The choice of such shovels is wide enough and before buying it is worth paying attention to.

1. The strength of the working part of the shovel. It is far from always necessary to deal with soft freshly fallen snow, dry sand or earth.
2. Weight of the shovel. It is an important factor when choosing it. It is very important when dealing with large snow drifts or digging a car out of a deep gauge. The pattern is that the shovel is lighter, the more expensive it is.
3. Everything else. The materials from which the shovel itself is made and its dimensions are a matter of taste and completely depend on personal preferences and capabilities of each.

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