Sight at 45 degrees: Why do we need second sights?

In a number of combat situations, it may be necessary to quickly transfer fire from long distances to close ones, and vice versa. If you have only conventional mechanical sights installed on your carbine, a simple collimator or a holographic sight without magnification, it may not be so difficult to move shooting from distant targets to nearby ones. But if your optical sight is set to shoot at, say, 100 meters (and more often much further), shooting with the same magnification at close range is not so convenient if it is simply not possible. In this case, it will not be superfluous to install on the weapon sight at 45 degrees – an additional set of sighting devices, inclined 45 ° to the right for right-handers and for left-handers, respectively, to the left.

The aiming technique is simple. – rotation of the strong arm (holding the pistol grip of the carbine), accompanied by the movement of the elbow, changes the position of the carbine, turning it around the longitudinal axis, and the arrow in front of the eye turns at 45 degrees. In the variant shown below, a collimator is used for long distances; for neighbors – mechanical, iron, a rear sight with a front sight.

Weapon accessories

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