Signal “give way”

Comrades, this is pi ** ec! To say that I ohrenel – to say nothing. I’m not sure if I’m not sure what to say about the road, I’m not sure if I’m not happy. But, bl ** s, what are the rules of the rule? !!

I came across a simple, seemingly simple way to know the traffic rules. Let’s call her sign “give way”. In the case of the driver, it is the driver who has violated the rules. If it is quite simple – a red or white car?

And attributed to the picture – 50% OF DRIVERS CAN’T ANSWER THE RIGHT!

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And – slowly oh ** vayu, here, forgive, you can’t find another word. Because out of every five answers, three are wrong !! And one of the three answers is incorrectly responding with your answer with something like “fuck, learn the rules, your mother!”. It was also a question. You can follow the link above and you’ve turned out to be many “potential killers” …

Comrades, this is really pi ** es !! If you’re on a road trip, you’ll have to do it. in settlements. Traffic lights are almost always supplemented with traffic signs.

So I’ll write it again and answer yourself: Who has the advantage, red or white?

Is it done? Then I propose a different different angle. In such a situation (you can’t pay attention to the pedestrians) give way to the bus, or have an advantage?

And now the correct answer is It is obliged to give way to all oncoming cars! As well as trucks, cyclists, passing and oncoming trams, pedestrians crossing the adjacent road (as in the picture above). There is a “give way” sign!

Correctly answered? If you want an error. Possible and fatal. For those who made a mistake, a logical question arises – why? After all, signs of priority, all things. But you are deployed and it’s like this:

  • When a traffic light is running, the signs are not valid.
  • There is a traffic light, then there is a traffic light, then there is a traffic light.
  • Rule “interference on the right” always works in any case. If there is a car, it is the car’s driver’s car’s
  • The traffic light doesn’t work. In this case, they set the order of motion. It then happens to be the light flashes yellow.

Signal “give way”

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