Signal mirror and methods of its application, a signal mirror with the whole, a simple signal mirror, a double signal mirror, an ordinary one-way mirror.

To talk about the next type of signaling tools, I will ask the reader to recall his childhood. Who among you did not have fun at that happy time, letting a bright sunny bunny run along the walls with a pocket mirror? This bunny was put by experts at the service of the victims of the disaster, creating a signal mirror. 

Signal mirror and methods of its application, a signal mirror with the whole, a simple signal mirror, a double signal mirror, an ordinary one-way mirror.

The signal mirror in special literature is called the heliograph; in literal translation it means the writer with the sun, which explains its purpose. Usually the person who first saw the signal mirror turns it in his hands, grunts and shakes his head, expressing his distrust of him in every possible way.

They handed me some piece of iron and try to convince that with its help you can give a distress signal. Yes, they simply mock me! he is indignant.

But in vain. Engineers estimated that the brightness of the light signal bunny at an angle of the sun at 90 degrees is nearly 7,000,000 candles. A flare of a signal mirror on a cloudless, sunny day is detected from an airplane flying at an altitude of 1 2 km, at a distance of 20 25 km, and in some cases up to 40 km. That’s the piece of iron. Where to non-rockets and squibs. By the way, with a signal mirror you can give an alarm not only during the day, but also at night in the full moon and even in foggy haze.


Signal mirror with the whole and its application.

It is a metal plate polished on one side to a mirror shine. In the center of the plate is a round, slightly larger match head, hole. Through this hole and the hole in the pillar held from the outside of the mirror, monitor the movement of the object of interest to you (aircraft, ship, person). At the same time, catch the bunny reflected from the surface of the mirror. On the same pillar, find the shadow of the cruciform notch applied to the working surface of the mirror. Align the center of the notch with the hole on the rear and continue to follow the object.

. To do this, holding the mirror with one hand close to the face or even pressing the back wall to the cheek, turn it so that the reflected beam (bunny) is directed in the right direction.

Then extend the other hand in the direction of the object of sight and put it on the tip of the allotted thumb. Turning the plane of the mirror, make sure that the reflected flare hits the thumb. Continuing to hold the thumb on the object and at the same time in the beam of the bunny, turn in the direction of movement of the aircraft or vessel. A more complex option is to guide the signal bunny through the top of a high stick-fly driven into the ground.

To do this, it is necessary to plant the object of sight at its tip, then direct the light signal and hold their bunny and object in this position, shifting the body in the required direction. As long as you see an airplane on a stick cut and the light of a sun bunny, the signal is guaranteed to be directed towards the airplane. This method is usually used when the victims have a heavy (for example, metal) sheet or a bulky mirror (foil, foil), which is more convenient to hold with two hands..

For a constant and, so to speak, automatic signaling of a distress signal, an impromptu mirror can be tried to be fixed with the help of simple knittings or elastic bands on the forehead or on the headdress, if possible parallel to the plane of the eyes. And go where you want, trying to light bunny ran along the horizon. You can trace the direction of glare on nearby objects on the ground, foliage of bushes and trees. Gradually, a person develops a sense of the beam, and he sends the bunny wherever needed, without hesitation, with a single turn of his head.

Home-made signal mirror and its application.

A homemade signal mirror can be made of tin, metal foil, a wrapper for chocolate and sweets, several ordinary pocket mirrors, mica chips, fragments of a wall mirror, a plane crash hanging in the toilet, or a car rearview mirror, etc. The shine of the wide blade of the knife, the bottom of the tin can, the blade-hacksaw blade and more is far visible. The reflective properties of metal foil can be successfully used not only in signal mirrors.

For example, in the immediate vicinity of the emergency camp, it will be useful to hang strips of foil on the branches of a lonely tree. Shining in the sun, they will attract attention from afar. 

In addition to foil, it is better to use metallized films for emergency signaling than foil. Simply put, this is the same polyethylene, but with a thin metal layer applied to its surface in white, gold or a different color. Such a film is lighter and more compact than the foil and due to ductility is more durable.

Based on materials from the School of Survival in Accidents and Natural Disasters.
Ilyin A.

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